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The Reality of Metal Gear Solid 2

By Ravi Singh, Posted on November 29, 2011

PlayStation 2, ten years ago.

A highly anticipated sequel to a blockbuster hit was released.

The critical response stank, but did they really understand the reality behind what they were criticizing?

The Snake Soup presents The Reality of Metal Gear Solid 2, a video which explains how Sons of Liberty’s deconstructive narrative explores the reality of the game itself and how misjudged it was as a result. Released November 29, 2011, ten years after the release of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty in Japan…


Direction / Writing / Narration
Ravi Singh

Hideo Kojima Quote Narration
Dwayne Billie

MGS2/MGS3/MGS4 Cutscene Footage

MGS2 Gameplay Footage
Ricky C


Joy Division – Substance

(Available on The Best of Joy Division)
Amazon / iTunes
New Order – Substance 1987

“Lonesome Tonight”
New Order – Singles

Amazon / iTunes

All music used without permission.


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