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Myth: Metal Gear: Ghost Babel is a VR Mission Raiden went through

Fact: If this were to be true, it contradicts a few things from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Ghost Babel itself.

By Ravi Singh, Posted in 2004

The main reason for this myth is because of this “ending” that has been spreading around message boards… well, it was, but I couldn’t find it again so I simply took my own screenshots:

Notice I put “ending” in quotes. Why? Yes, these screens are actually from the game. It’s just that it’s not the ending of the main game. The main ending involves Solid Snake and Chris driving in the sunset and not having hot sex. I would post it all here but I’m too lazy to beat Metal Gear Gander and such again. And it would be useless.

So, okay, the screenshots above are not from the ending. What is it from then? Well, one of the many replayability features of Ghost Babel was a Special Missions option. Basically, you sort of revisit the game with all sorts of different objectives and you talk to some mysterious fuck named No. 4. Maybe he’s a rapper or something. But anyways, No. 4 rewards you with some facts about the Ghost Babel story the main game didn’t tell. So in other words, you don’t gain much from beating these unless you’re bored or you’re REALLY eager to learn about Galuade and Outer Heaven and how Chris would love to get it on with Snake.

Anyways, we know now that Raiden’s real name is Jack. And Jack played a lot of VR Missions. Not only the ones we play on Substance or whatever, but VR Missions that portray missions, such as Shadow Moses, or even the Tanker Chapter of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. The fact that Ghost Babel’s main storyline doesn’t exist could sort of rule this out, but remember, the Shadow Moses and Tanker VR Missions Raiden played possibly weren’t even based on what really happened:

Raiden: I’ve gone through VR training of the tanker mission before.

Snake: Yeah? Well I doubt it simulates the events of that mission.

Plus, when the Colonel gets crazy after GW fucks up, he says:

Your mission is to infiltrate the fortress Galuade, rescue the hostages and neutralize Metal Gear before its assembly is complete.

So it’s possible that this is was VR Mission. Then how can it not be?

First off, note that the main storyline of Metal Gear: Ghost Babel involved Outer Heaven. A lot of Outer Heaven. So the question is, why the fuck does Raiden say shit like:

Raiden: Have you ever heard of Outer Heaven?

Snake: Outer Heaven?!

Raiden: Yeah. Know anything?

Raiden: Colonel, the “Outer Heaven” that Snake mentioned…

Colonel: Ah, yes. It is a despotic military state built by a guy called Big Boss, the greatest soldier in history and Snake’s father – genetically speaking.

Johnson: Outer Heaven – his plan to unleash a nuclear blast over the skies of Wall Street… to break the Patriots’ control over the business community is also a key factor in his offensive effort.

Raiden: Outer Heaven…?

No, seriously. The boy is clueless about Outer Heaven, yet, he is informed about it in the supposed VR Mission he plays. Ok, what about the SPECIAL MISSIONS? Same thing, No. 4 explains some crap about Outer Heaven. So either Raiden is the biggest dumbass in the world or he did not go through such a VR Mission.

Last, but not least, No. 4 here states the Galuade mission as if it actually did happen:

No. 4: Your combat capability is now undoubtedly beyond that of Snake at the time of Galuade’s fall.

Galuade doesn’t exist though. So this is just a game with it’s storyline having nothing to do with the main timelines. The mention of “Jack” is pretty much like a teaser for Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. A similar concept was hidden in the Sonic The Hedgehog game Sonic CD, in which Tails said something lame like “SEE YOU NEXT GAME LOL!” even though Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (the game Tails debuted in) was already released. Back to “Jack,” looking at Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater… yeah, Jack is a pretty fucking common name.

As for The Colonel, he was fucked up. I mean, are you going to take an AI with fucked up dialogue seriously? As proof? The damn guy said something about a famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork doing a raw blink on Hara-kiri Rock. And that he needs scissors. 61!

OH! I get it! That was another VR Mission! The purple stuffed worm mission where you gotta get sixty-one scissors and… wait, no. Shut the fuck up.

Anyways, the remaining problem with this lies in that some people think that Ghost Babel IS in the main storyline. Read my other myth article regarding this if you have not already.

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