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Sean Eyestone has come to Playground - jdnation - 11-27-2017 09:52 AM

[Image: uNW7iAPF_7QKfHg3GNQwEO1i4SSLFpQJN9ZNEfOS...7f8a56c338]

Eyestone, whom many will remember as the English VA from the MGSV demos jumped ship from Konami to EA after the KojiPro breakup

Now, after jumping ship from EA after the Battlefront II lootbox fiasco, like the good little wandering mercenary that he is, he is now heading to another corporation that's just as familiar as the previous two's management - Microsoft!

" revealed the developer behind Forza Horizon was planning to open a second studio earlier this year, and that the new team will be working on a non-racing game - now described to us as an "open-world action RPG."

The newest addition to this project is Sean Eyestone, who takes on the role of production director and leaves his role as senior producer at Battlefront II developer EA DICE. Prior to this, he spent ten years working at Kojima Productions on various Metal Gear Solid games, including open-world entries Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes."