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What the fuck is wrong with mission tasks? - SexyKaz - 08-02-2017 11:50 AM

Writing about TPP in another thread just made me remember what kind of horrible fucking chore some of the mission tasks in this game are. I try to list the fucking most horrible piece of shit ones.

- Snipers you're supposed to fulton in "did you really think Big Boss would shoot children he was supposed to shoot" mission are in areas you would absolutely fucking ever visit during the mission. They're not even in the area they're said they're supposed to be.

- The 3 tanks you must destroy in "Save your mujahadeen homies from tank armada" mission sometimes appear and sometimes don't. Sometimes only two of them appear. There's a very specific way to make the tanks appear but you only knew that if you read it from a walkthrough. Even then there's no telling if they'll appear or not.

- In "Visit Devil's House, one of the actually more interesting locations of the game that you can't visit afterwards for some retarded reason" mission one of the tasks is to shoot Mantis in the face. To actually complete this task you have to 1) plant C4 on one of the 3 water towers 2) wait for Volgin to appear near it and NOT LET HIM SHOOT THE TOWER OR DETONATE THE EXPLOSIVE 3) Detonate C4 and run at Volgin 4) In the next two seconds do the following: a) Open your iDroid b) scroll down to supply drops c) chose a tank from the very bottom of the list d) drop it on Psycho Mantis to complete task. You could also fire at him with a machine gun if you're desperate and enjoy killing wasps by throwing gravel at them.

- And my favourite of them all: in "No way I'm ever going to listen what all these 4 prisoners in Africa have to say" mission there's a task where you fucking absolutely have to listen to what all these 4 prisoners in Africa have to say. This wouldn't be a problem if the last two targets weren't a steaming metal probe in my ass. 1) after interrogating the two remaining prisoners a soldier shoots them dead. Fucking IMMEDIATELY the soldiers forget who shot them and sound the alert, canceling the last interrogation. 2) If you're under 30m from the last interrogatee as he is shat out into the existence he falls on the ground like grandma struck by lightning, canceling the last interrogation. Keep in mind completing just this ONE mission task takes as much and even more time you'd complete the whole mission by itself which is probably around 49 hours.

And once you complete all of these you get a triangle.

What are your favorite moments with this shit? Write your favourite mission task experiences below!

RE: What the fuck is wrong with mission tasks? - DarthCaligula - 08-02-2017 07:56 PM

I went crazy trying to fulton all those tanks, APCs, and everything else in A Quiet Exit. I could deal with sprinting around with my super body armor protecting me, the real problem is that Quiet blows everything up. I remember all those times I'd get to the thing to fulton, then Quiet makes it start flaming, and I have to hope I'm fast enough to fulton the thing, that it won't start moving, and that some asshole won't shoot me with a shotgun and knock me over. And I hit that Continue so many times, trying to be careful I didn't hit the buttons too fast and get that stupid chicken hat, screwing everything up (at least, I think it would screw it up? I didn't want to be a pussy and use that chicken hat though, I wanted it to be a legitimate win).

RE: What the fuck is wrong with mission tasks? - Canucklehead - 08-03-2017 03:13 AM

The only Mission I didn't complete all the Tasks in was the final one, but not "THE" final one. Or was it? I don't know, but the one where you save Quiet from a fucking BATTALION of Tanks, because fuck that Mission.

RE: What the fuck is wrong with mission tasks? - SexyKaz - 08-03-2017 04:45 AM

I've got more.

- In mission "three little red ruskies" you're told to "exctract the commander and the soldiers riding his vehicle". This of course is total bullshit since nobody tells you you must do it to BOTH cars.
- This mission also has a one of those eavesdrop tasks that take 38 minutes to listen through. If you do as much as take a running step they're alerted and task is failed.
- Speaking of the last mission: don't you just love it when a tank snipes you from 900 metres no matter if there's a wall between you two and you're supposed to run amidst seven other vehicles fultoning them? I like when TPP challenges me at times but this level is just a cheap excuse for a final boss battle.

Tried the Mantis/Volgin boss fight again trying to do the tank trick but then I remembered that it's easier to win a friggin lottery while struck by lightning holdin a four leaf clover and a horseshoe.

I think that it's awesome that you have to on a little treasure hunt to complete some of the tasks but a tiny resource box under a fucking bridge? And how about finding thr one specific diamond among million other diamonds in the same area?

There are some funny and smart tasks but some of them just baffle me. Why would I want to extract a specific one of the 3 other cargo crates? That's not a challenge, that's what I do during missions all the time. Why not have advanced (read: not retarded) mission tasks that change in a few weeks like in FOB Events? You could reward players who complete these tasks with a tilted hexagon or whatnot!

RE: What the fuck is wrong with mission tasks? - jdnation - 08-05-2017 08:11 AM

I never bothered with that stuff. If I completed anything, it was usually by chance, as I'll usually try and collect items and resources I could alongside fultoning soldiers and prisoners I came across.

RE: What the fuck is wrong with mission tasks? - SexyKaz - 08-21-2017 12:18 PM

Another thing I just realized:

What is the point of Psycho Mantis in this game?

I mean other people's hatred is controlling him control the Sahelantropus and he stole the thing for Liquid but is there really a point for the character? He just exists around the other characters. There might be more to his character on the tapes (or in the game altogether) but I really can't remember. But seriously I think the plot would make as much sense if they cut his scenes from MGSV.

RE: What the fuck is wrong with mission tasks? - DarthCaligula - 08-21-2017 04:01 PM

They probably had more planned with him originally, but with stuff cut, he's just kind of awkwardly there. I think there was some great potential with him, but unfortunately it just ended up as kind of a mess. Like pretty much everything else in the story really.

RE: What the fuck is wrong with mission tasks? - jdnation - 08-22-2017 09:03 PM

He's there only so that Kojima could retcon his backstory.

But also thematically because he's psychic and feeds off of the other character's burning hatred & emotions...

Mmmmmmmm..... delicious delicious revengeance...

RE: What the fuck is wrong with mission tasks? - Canucklehead - 08-23-2017 03:09 AM

Does thay mean the more you hate MGSV, the more powerful Mantis becomes? Is that why he was so powerful in MGS1?

RE: What the fuck is wrong with mission tasks? - Tempunaut - 08-23-2017 08:31 AM

In that case, wouldn't he be a Gozar esque uberghost by the time he shows up in MGS4?

RE: What the fuck is wrong with mission tasks? - Canucklehead - 08-23-2017 12:28 PM

No; he was a doll!

RE: What the fuck is wrong with mission tasks? - jdnation - 08-23-2017 09:51 PM

No, because in the end nobody can out-anger The Fury!

Especially not Raging Raven.

RE: What the fuck is wrong with mission tasks? - DarthCaligula - 08-23-2017 11:44 PM

I think there was a ton of potential for Mantis in The Phantom Pain. Based on the trailers, I assumed that Big Boss would be tormented by Mantis, who would bring out phantoms of past enemies he had fought, with the flaming Volgin as one, maybe some Cobra members, The Boss, and hell, maybe even Paz now that I think about it. I was imagining that these would be nightmare enemies that only he can see, and that they're so real to him that shock and trauma would make him actually able to be killed by them. I imagined for example the part when Big Boss and Ocelot were on the horse, and we see Big Boss firing at the flaming Volgin, that Ocelot would be yelling "What are you shooting at?!", because only Big Boss would perceive it.

Just imagine fighting Paz first looking like the girl she is, then transforming into a ZEKE/Paz hybrid monster. I think that would have been awesome. It would also let Kojima just run free and throw logic out the window with a perfect excuse. I was also thinking how it would be cool if there was more psychic stuff, like soldiers with linked minds, communicating instantly and even using powers like telekinesis against the player. These weird powers would make you have to totally rethink how you go about fighting since there's a new weapon that clearly doesn't exist in real life.

RE: What the fuck is wrong with mission tasks? - jdnation - 08-24-2017 10:18 AM

I actually had a similar theory about MGS4 where supposedly being the last game and all that Kojima would tie up both Solid and Big Boss' stories and reconsile them.

I theorized that based on the theme of SENSE, that the Les Enfents project was not simply just to clone Big Boss genetically, but to also transfer Big Boss' memories, experience and personalities into the clone, maybe with select alterations, to create the 'Perfect Snake.'

This would have been achieved with a combination of psychic power, nanomachine memetic and whatever pseudoscience convenient plot devices, where Old Snake would find himself being possessed by the ghost of Big Boss and reliving his experiences in dream sequences including Boss encounters to make MGS4 one big cast reunion and answer all the series questions. Including how Ocelot turned into Liquid. Because that was supposed to be Liquid with the dominant genes who would become possessed by Big Boss, but he died and Ocelot who took his arm became likewise infected with the Les Enfants Terribles program's nanomemetics which had somehow gotten screwed up and began containing Liquid's personality instead.

Also this is why Snake was becoming suicidal. He was losing his sense of himself as Big Boss' personality was taking over, delayed only by Otacon's nano injections and Snake would rather die as himself rather than have his body and mind stolen. But he also has a final mission to complete and gains from access to Big Boss' memories.

RE: What the fuck is wrong with mission tasks? - BigB0SS - 09-06-2017 03:11 PM

Are people still playing this POS?