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METAL GEAR PACHINKO REVIEW - jdnation - 04-25-2017 04:19 PM

A solid 'Cherry / BAR / out of 10'

And compared to other gambling machinery it's one of the worst money-grubbing repetitive pachislots on the market besides being the worst HD remake of MGS3... lol Konami!

RE: METAL GEAR PACHINKO REVIEW - Canucklehead - 04-26-2017 03:06 AM

Any news of a PS4 port on the way?

RE: METAL GEAR PACHINKO REVIEW - John Doom - 04-26-2017 05:37 AM

Just saw Bunnyhop's video today (I was actually about to post it Big Grin ).
I still can't believe they put so much efforts on a slot machine, he's right that graphically it looks like what a proper MGS3 remake would've looked like today :\
Who knows. Since Kojima's gone now, maybe they'll try to milk his titles as much as possible and will eventually remake them Exclamation

RE: METAL GEAR PACHINKO REVIEW - Canucklehead - 04-26-2017 06:16 AM

Didn't Konami agree to turn the rights to Metal Gear over to Kojima recently?

RE: METAL GEAR PACHINKO REVIEW - jdnation - 04-29-2017 10:29 AM

I doubt Konami is going to invest anything into any kind of remake of MGS3.

A few pre-rendered cutscenes for a slot machine are nothing.

An investment into a full scale MGS3 next gen remake will be expensive as shit and that's apparently one of the reasons they ditched gaming and Kojima in the first place.

Does SURVIVE look like they are putting any big money into investment for further MGS titles??? Konami couldn't even be arsed to fork over money for a competent HD port of Silent Hill 2 & 3. They'll just sell you MGS3 HD again in a brand new package with shoehorned microtransactions and forced online participation.

I would not expect any more such games from Konami that can't be made fast and cheap by some outsourced European B-tier dev.

Now back to a real game like Persona 5...