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Kojima cancels the Magic - jdnation - 02-13-2017 06:19 AM

Kojima and Frank Miller were to do an event in in Monaco (not together), when tragedy struck... taking the life of Kojima's loved one...

Fulton Recovery Sheep

From Google Translate

"Dear visitors, fans and MAGIC members from the first hour,

It is a very dark Monday for us.
We have the great sadness to announce that 2 of our guests must unfortunately cancel their trip for very different reasons and that the timing leaves us that too little time at this time to find alternatives.

Frank Miller and Hideo Kojima will not be with us.

Hideo Kojima told us this weekend that he had just lost a loved one. We take this opportunity once again to convey our condolences and reiterate our invitation for a forthcoming edition.

Fans of Frank Miller may be able to find indulgence with this author who simply evokes an overload of work preventing him from honoring his promise to visit ...
As a blow of fate, and only a few days from our event, we understand the disappointment that this can engender. We also have a thought for journalists who also work and fight with us sometimes to have the largest window of time possible in order to offer you quality items.

MAGIC is a completely free event, built for fans by fans. So we are as disappointed as you are. We also know that sometimes, some come specifically for a guest.

That said, for us it does not change the fact that as strong as our disappointment, we will redouble our energy to offer you the best. There are still many beautiful things to discover. The magic continues as long as our commitment is there. And it is precisely at such times that your support is fundamental to us.

February 18 is coming, count on us!

The MAGIC team"

Condolences to Mr. Kojima.

RE: Kojima cancels the Magic - jdnation - 09-29-2017 06:51 AM


"MAGIC Monaco has announced that Yoji Shinkawa will attend MAGIC 2018 on February 24th of next year. This event, taking in place in, well, Monaco, revolves around comics, manga, animation and video games. Shinkawa will be holding a keynote and meet fans during an autograph session."

And as it turns out, the person who passed away was Kojima's mother.

R.I.P. Mrs. Kojima. The mother of our special forces - KojiPro