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What's Wrong with Ground Zeroes' Ending? (IGN) (Spoilers)
04-16-2014, 09:53 PM
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RE: What's Wrong with Ground Zeroes' Ending? (IGN) (Spoilers)
There's a desire to see human tragedies and the fall of a character from good to evil. Revenge of the Sith didn't have to be good for people to want to see Anakin turn to Darth Vader.

Even an original series like Breaking Bad enforced that appeal.

I love how that show has a consequence for every action. I love how the characters do not irrationally do things for the sake of good or bad. I love how the story makes you relate to every decision and even though you're following the good man turned bad you are still understanding where everyone else stands and rooting sometimes for the villains to get what they want even though you know this will never turn out well in the long run.

That's what I want for MGSV. If its own plot could be like clockwork as Breaking Bad's was then I would be a much happier gamer. GZ only struggled with that 'second bomb', but that could just be the exception.... hopefully.

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04-16-2014, 11:27 PM
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RE: What's Wrong with Ground Zeroes' Ending? (IGN) (Spoilers)
I loved in Breaking Bad the way that, at least in my opinion, there wasn't a sudden change to Walt being evil. It was a steady change from Season 1 with him being repulsed at the idea of killing somebody and trying to avoid it at all costs even when that person wanted to kill him to a few seasons later where he almost kills a child in order to manipulate somebody into doing what he wants.

I don't know if Big Boss has really been going through as steady of a change however.
04-17-2014, 12:04 AM
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RE: What's Wrong with Ground Zeroes' Ending? (IGN) (Spoilers)
Well he has a nuke.... That's a start.

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RE: What's Wrong with Ground Zeroes' Ending? (IGN) (Spoilers)
I would say it was very steady change since MGS3. The Symbolical form of The Boss being in a white sneaking suit and Big Boss in the black one was very obvious of this.

here is a list of what Big Boss has done since the beginning...

1. Killed the legendary Cobra unit... the heros that helped win WW2(MGS3)

2. Killed his beloved master, and mentor(MGS3)

3. Killed every remaining member of the FOX unit.(MPO)

4. Attempted to kill a 16 year old girl(MPO)

5. Built a mercenary army and killed people(good or bad) for money(MPW)

6. Bought (what he presumed) a 16 year old girl a bikini and then took her on a date on the beach wearing a seedo and fucking her in a box(MPW)

7. Let Kaz fuck him in a box(MPW)

8. Attempted to kill the last woman who ever loved him WHILE she was professing her love to him in a love song(MPW)

9. To be continued... but presumably kills African children(MGSV)
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RE: What's Wrong with Ground Zeroes' Ending? (IGN) (Spoilers)
(04-17-2014 12:04 AM)Smiley Wrote:  Well he has a nuke.... That's a start.

Seriously. I've been re-listening to, and thinking a lot about the mission briefing tapes in Ground Zeroes. Kaz and Big Boss are seriously up on some insane warlord shit. 'We don't want to announce we have it, until the world is ready to wipe us off the map'?!

I get that they live in a world where Cipher exists, but it's still pretty fucking crazy. Could you imagine how much the world would lose their shit if they found out Blackwater had a private island with fucking nuke on it?

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