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Well that documentary was disappointing.
01-29-2016, 09:34 PM
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Well that documentary was disappointing.
I'm speaking of the extra disc that came with the Collector's Edition.

Aside from the cool Mission 51 thing, the rest is just a bunch of circle jerk interviews. They're nice and all, but it's the same thing as every other thing they release for every major game installment.

I was hoping for a more in-depth documentary of Kojima Productions building the FOX engine and developing the game and Yoji doing the concept art, and Kojima running through early ideas, and the mo-cap guys doing the awesome Quiet fight scenes, and FOX Engine tech demos, and all the girls auditioning to be Quiet in the nude until Kojima settled on Joosten, and Keifer showing up drunk for VA work.

What the hell??? I wanna see that stuff! Not Refn calling Kojima Salvador Dali! not Greg Miller telling us what we already knowI mean that's nice and all, but I wanted more in-depth document stuff.

Then again it was probably just Konami henchmen beating people around the office and forcing employees to sit at their desk, change their email addresses ever 4 hours and not work in the hopes that they'll quit without being laid off and thus getting severance pay. So maybe that couldn't be included. Instead we got a plastic arm.
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RE: Well that documentary was disappointing.
I'd have rather gotten footage of the Kojima firing, and related arguments over resource management.

He's just a prick

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