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So now that the games is out, how do you feel about the tapes? (Big Spoilers/rant)
03-24-2014, 06:21 PM
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So now that the games is out, how do you feel about the tapes? (Big Spoilers/rant)
To be honest, i don't know how to gauge the reaction of the general public, you would think these people who have been exposed to more blood to last them two lifetimes would be a little less inclined to be offended by things.

Is it because it's rape? Something most (including me) think is worse than death?

I guess i can understand it on that aspect, and i concur it's more than a little jarring to go from this:

To this:

But that's where most of my sympathies end, first of where's the outrage at what Chico endures which is arguably far worse than what Paz endures?

Why are people only worried about the woman at hand?

Because she had it bad? You may call it predictable, but i call it realistic, everyone knew something bad was going to happen to these characters, exactly what was for people to find out.

Secondly, why are people calling Kojima misogynist/sexist/pony/etc?

Because something bad happened to a female character in a game?

I dare to ask...would people be complaining had it been a male suffering these atrocities? I ask this because i've seen little to no mention about the torture Chico suffers, Chico who by the way is TWELVE.

This creates a nasty setback for the "Art in videogames" debate. I'm not advocating for complete acceptance of Kojimas "Totally serious after 25 years of mostly non serious games" what i am advocating for is some open mindedness.

These people come of as remarkably closed minded on what they feel is sexist/misogynist/etc and what isn't, for people that advocate tolerance, acceptance and open mindedness this feels extraordinarily awkward to me how these people can't see the hypocrisy in their actions and statements.

I think of this not as a metal gear game, but "what if kojima made a new non metal gear related ip", which could also help explain the tonal shift.

Thirdly, i don't understand why people are villainizing the creator instead of the villain, feeling different emotions should not be treated with disgust and offension, they should be embraced, i rarely feel emotions, but this made me feel them, i feel alive,rejuvenated even.

There are definitely more complex ways to villainize a villain, but rape is,yes simple, but also very effective, feeling disgust and hatred are the intended responses, but don't take offense at them, embrace them, in this context it's okay, save those emotions for the Phantom Pain when you kick Skully's ass, don't take it out on the creator, that's just silly.

Had to get that out of my chest Big Grin
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RE: So now that the games is out, how do you feel about the tapes? (Big Spoilers/rant)
The simple truth is that when women are tortured, rape is most likely going to be part of it. Now I'm no expert on torture or anything, but it seems like a pretty obvious outcome. In militaries, most members are going to be men, and if they're torturing women, rape is just an obvious thing to include in torture. Hell, even men are raped as part of torture from what I understand. Why would anyone get pissed about this being in the game? I read a non-fiction book, A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, and there was a part when Ishmael talks to a kid who survived the slaughter of his village, because his sister hid him in another room I think (I think it was in an attic of some kind) and the kid ended up hearing his sister get raped again and again before they just ended up killing her. This stuff happens.
03-24-2014, 07:18 PM
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I guess it's just the medium being used to present it. Much like how homosexuality used to be a taboo in film and now you see it being reproduced everywhere.
The industry will catch on, eventually.

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