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Schurvive Beta impressions and stuff
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RE: Schurvive Beta impressions and stuff
Konami would, so long as Nintendo picks up the porting bill and sends them their cut of the sales.

But we've seen how Konami gives a shit for ports of their classics. The only one that turned out decently was MGS because Kojima went with Bluepoint, and Kojima also tried to salvage their poor port of ZOE for PS3.

The only reason Survive looks close to descent in the marketing materials and has cutscenes is for the same reason they put time into fancy cutscenes for MGS3 slot machines - Konami's entire model now revolves around recurring revenue. With only small budget titles like Bomberman getting a release to maximize revenue on smaller investment risk.

They're no longer in the business of making the elaborate single player one and done affairs of Metal Gear and Silent Hill. It's some recurring revenue model, easy to do with multiplayer, or nothing.

Those out there wishing that Bluepoint remakes MGS1 like they did Shadow of the Colossus are having a pipe dream. Unless Sony or Nintendo shoulders the entire dev costs and sends a royalty cheque, Konami don't care.
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RE: Schurvive Beta impressions and stuff
Konami has been trying to adapt their business model to a mass audience officially since Metal Gear Solid 1. Hideo Kojima is the main reason why Konami's western audience exists. Survive seems shocking in terms of creative decisions but it is perfectly in line with the goal of satisfying an overly saturated action adventure market.

Metal Gear Solid 6 is inevitable most likely as a reboot. The Hideo Kojima fans should be happy to know that Sony and koji pro have a new IP on the way.

Sony is well aware of the success of Konami
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