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Quiet and Huey glitch (SPOILERS)
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Quiet and Huey glitch (SPOILERS)
Hi all,


This is my first post here, but maybe some of you remember my old site Solid Snake's Game Shrine (SSGS), which closed down in 2009 along with MSN Groups - the place where all the MGS fonts came from (I created them all!). Anyway, I wanted to share something very curious with you all that I came across while playing The Phantom Pain today on my PS4...

So, I'm playing The Phantom Pain on my PS4 and today I've run into what seems to be an interesting bug: I've completed all of the missions and side ops, and now I'm going back to finish objectives I missed the first time round and to S-rank each mission. Just now, I completed Mission 11 - Cloaked in Silence (either for the fourth or fifth time in total). After the mission, I received several S-rank staff, so I went to the Staff Management section on my iDroid to sort them and to my surprise Quiet was back in the Brig! Has anyone encountered this before?

I flew back to Mother Base immediately, to her cell on the Medical platform, but she isn't there or available to use as a buddy, and I can't develop her equipment. Still, she constantly appears in my Brig, which she obviously shouldn't since I've completed A Quiet Exit.

I am now doing a run of Mission 12 - Hellbound and she still appears on my iDroid. I plan to run through the missions in order now with the hope of somehow tricking the game into adding Quiet as a buddy again.

Here's a log of my actions (as far as I can remember) in Mission 11. Maybe someone else can see if they get the same results?

- Started Mission 11 with Demon Snake (Desert Fox camo) and DD (Naked)
- Created sandstorm
- Made it rain twice
- Hit Quiet with one sleep grenade
- Made it rain again
- Hit Quiet with a second sleep grenade, causing her to pass out
- Didn't shoot Quiet when urged to by Miller
- Put Quiet down while waiting for the chopper
- Tranqued two Oriental Storks and Fultoned them back to Mother Base
- Climbed into the chopper with Quiet and DD
- Skipped the cutscenes
- Opened iDroid to find Quiet in Brig

Obviously, she's a little bit useless at the moment, but I'm hoping there might be a way of getting Quiet to join me again as a buddy if I just carry on working through the game as I would have done the first time.

Any thoughts on this would be great! If I can, I'll get a video up on YouTube or something to show what's happened so far.

My apologies again if this is a well-documented bug. I did a quick Google search and all I could find were hits for mods for the PC version, so I thought I should probably share with the community!

I'm running version 1.04 of the game on my PS4, which should be the most up-to-date version of the game. I am also NOT using the Butterfly emblem - I don't have it as I never really used Quiet as a buddy.

UPDATE: Having now completed Missions 12 and 13 - Hellbound and Pitch Dark - Huey is now also showing in my R&D team, rather than as "Dismissed" in the KIA/Former list.

UPDATE 2: Below is a YouTube video I've just uploaded from my PS4 showing that I've completed every mission and that both Quiet and Huey have returned to Mother Base.

11-06-2015, 05:01 AM
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RE: Quiet and Huey glitch (SPOILERS)
Yeah, it's a known bug. Only way to get her back on console version is to delete your save and restart the game.

Benny Harvey, RIP
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