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Protest to Fix MGSV's Broken Secret Nuclear Disarmament Event - December 8 2017
12-06-2017, 03:47 AM
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Protest to Fix MGSV's Broken Secret Nuclear Disarmament Event - December 8 2017
Originally posted by /u/Hastatus_Atratus on r/MetalGearSolid r/MetalGearAntiNuclear

I am proposing we hold a protest to try and get Konami to fix the secretly broken Secret Nuclear Disarmament Event on December 8 2017.

The observant and mathematically-inclined players know that Nuclear Disarmament is impossible and many players have always felt it in their gut without being able to prove it. There are several problems but the biggest is that there are thousands of nukes belonging to old unplayed accounts that simply no longer appear in the nuke tab; essentially they have permanent blockades and active players can never access the accounts to steal these Permanent Nukes; their owners have long since abandoned the game so they will not or cannot disarm their own nukes. I have tried to prove it to the players which is not an easy thing to do, but the simple fact is that Konami could verify what I have been saying by checking what happens to the accounts belonging to the names I have given them: either they appear in the Nuke Tab like they should or they never do. It is quite an easy, simple thing to check for on their end. At this point common sense should have set in and all players who have followed the Nuke Count Tweets over the past two years should easily be able to see the rising numbers even though the number of players is surely diminishing. My goal is to get Konami to fix the issue by fixing the nuke tab or at a minimum delete the nukes on all accounts belonging to players who no longer sign in.

If you want to see my evidence:

I have tried communicating with Konami about the issue since June 2017 and they have not publicly said or done anything at all. They still publish the nuke counts which to me appears more like they are manipulating players into thinking they still support the game.

I am proposing a protest of words on two fronts on December 8 2017: by having as many people as possible reply to J's Nuke Count on Twitter and email Konami's MGSV Inquiries Department.

1) I would like people to Tweet their disapproval of this situation on J's Dec 8th Nuke Count Tweets: these can be found at (the English Twitter account stopped posting them a while back). Post whatever you want: Fix Nuclear Disarmament Glitch!, Please address the broken Secret Nuclear Disarmament Event issue!, Listen to Hastatus!, post the link to my document, be creative (e.g., etc); but do please remain civil and avoid angry rants and cursing. The point is to express the players' knowledge of the problem and the desire that it be addressed and fixed by Konami. Even if you do not believe they will do anything at this point or you have stopped playing the game it does not hurt you to post a quick Tweet. If J does not post on Dec 8th (Friday), then we will use the most recent previous Nuke Count Tweet (usually Tuesday).

2) I would also like players to send an email to both [email protected] & [email protected] on Dec 8th. Even though the Secret Nuclear Disarmament Event is not part of MGO proper Konami's inquiries department seems to respond most often through that account; to be safe I suggest emailing both at once to be sure. These emails lead to their inquiries department so you must be asking questions. The reason to approach this as an inquiry is that they are more likely to reply. Again do not rant and curse but politely ask one or several questions. An example:

Please put Broken Secret Nuclear Disarmament Event in the email's subject.

Dear Konami Customer Service Representative,

1) When will Konami address the issue of the Permanent Nukes server bug that makes the Secret Nuclear Disarmament Event (mentioned in the Official Strategy Guide) impossible for any player to ever achieve? Public info on this bug can be found here:

2) Is Konami even planning to repair this bug in the Secret Nuclear Disarmament Event, or is this portion of MGSV no longer being supported?

3) Given the serious issues with the Secret Nuclear Disarmament Event can Konami confirm that the MGSV servers will remain operational until the Event can reach an acceptable conclusion?

4) If the Secret Nuclear Disarmament Event is not going to be repaired, will Konami make a public statement telling players that they should stop wasting their time? Will Konami tell us what the exact unlocked rewards for Disarmament would have been?

5) Can Konami assure players who are considering buying Metal Gear SurviVe that you will employ better server coding and support it better than you have MGSV's broken Secret Nuclear Disarmament Event and buggy FOB?

Any answers, information or update would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Your John Hancock

December 8 2015 was the closest we ever got to Disarmament: the XBox 360 had only 23 nukes. I have suggested both Twitter and email approaches because all players should have access to at least one or the other. Tweets will publicly show everyone who is participating and a large spike in tweets might get J's attention and other Japanese players at a minimum. If they get a large enough number of emails perhaps it will force them to compose something meaningful they can replay to everyone with instead of just sloughing off one person from time to time. You can compose your own posts/emails or copy and paste those of others. I will be posting this protest plan on GameFAQs (PS4 has the most active board: and Reddit ( and so people can voice their opinions on this matter, tweak what they might want to say through Tweets or emails, and so we can get as many people as possible to participate in this protest. If players want to post links to this protest plan on other sites, especially non-English-speaking sites, please feel free to do so. In-game playing and diplomacy between players will never have any significant impact due to the current state of the programming/servers: only convincing Konami directly to make Disarmament possible...perhaps for the first time...will have any significant chance. If you have even the slightest sliver of hope for Disarmament being repaired and eventually occurring, please join us and get the word of this protest out there so we can raise a large enough voice to spur Konami into action.

Please keep this protest for "Peace" peaceful. Thanks.

12-06-2017, 01:39 PM
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RE: Protest to Fix MGSV's Broken Secret Nuclear Disarmament Event - December 8 2017
12-06-2017, 04:24 PM
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RE: Protest to Fix MGSV's Broken Secret Nuclear Disarmament Event - December 8 2017
I don't get it. I thought you were supposed to be able to attack other players and steal their nukes to disarm. How are some impossible to get?
12-06-2017, 05:15 PM (This post was last modified: 12-06-2017 05:18 PM by jdnation.)
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RE: Protest to Fix MGSV's Broken Secret Nuclear Disarmament Event - December 8 2017
(12-06-2017 04:24 PM)DarthCaligula Wrote:  I don't get it. I thought you were supposed to be able to attack other players and steal their nukes to disarm. How are some impossible to get?

Apparently it has to do with Konami's botched system where you have to go online to synch your progress back and forth... but those who havn't played in a while or updated the game firmware patches have inaccessible nukes that cant be disarmed!

Say I make a nuke, connect to Konami. Shit gets updated, then I stop playing and don't come back.

Then you invade my FOB and disarm my nukes.

Well since I don't synch back, nothing get updated and I still got nukes!

Or maybe I've been offline so long and haven't updated my firmware, so you can't access my FOB to get rid of the nukes because my game ain't patched!

There's nothing you can do, because I'm offline! enjoy your always-online gimmicks sucka!

Wah wah!

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