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Now I have become Death, Strander of Worlds...
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Now I have become Death, Strander of Worlds...
Theory time. Fiddle

I'm starting to think that Reedus...

[Image: reedus.jpg]

Is basically this...

[Image: Death-icon.png]

Or maybe he'll become that...

Or maybe that is actually these guys...

[Image: Screen_Shot_2016_06_14_at_12_27_28_AM.png]

And they are actually pissed off, because Reedus used these...

[Image: dogtag.jpg]

To go to the other side and save this...

[Image: son.jpg]

Quite possibly his son/daughter who'd died and he wants to bring him/her back from the underworld.

[Image: 3079376_deathstranding_screen_ps4_005_1465877395.jpg]

Except he screws up in some science-y way, and now the Grim Reapers themselves are also left stranded along with him in some place, and back in the real world it's like that Family Guy Episode where Death sprains his ankle.

So now he has to fix it...

[Image: familyguy-deathisabitch_1217532992_1219345445.jpg]

And thus he becomes...

[Image: ludens_kojima_0.jpg]

And death gameplay-wise for you is somewhat different...

And you use this...

[Image: 316XqaoI%2BpL._SX342_.jpg]

To cut the rope of people's lives...

[Image: 535bd1640572e1a2c5f4a7d0e080f42d.jpg]

Using this...
[Image: dualshock_4_touchpad_lightbar.jpg]

But you can also rope stuff together too!

[Image: giphy.gif]

Can life bloom? Even stranded in death?

[Image: deathrose.jpg]


A Hideo Kojima Game.

Another interesting idea is that the natural phenomena of whales stranding themselves on beaches may be theoretically because of overpopulation and nature naturally stranding on the shores the excess that have no room to inhabit the waters? This explanation may not be true and there are others, but it's food for thought...

Another idea is the story of the Spider's Thread, given we're dealing with strands and all... I'm certain Kojima knows this story.

My thinking is that with the handprints all over him, that these are people reaching out to him holding on to escape. The handprints may also have to do with Kojima's ropes and connections. The mroe connections you make, the more handprints there'll be.
09-13-2016, 04:41 PM
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RE: Now I have become Death, Strander of Worlds...
This guy's put together another nice story theory. While Relativity is actually not what it's cracked up to be and has in many ways been refuted from experimental & observational evidence as of lately (though still remains t he consensus view), alongside the Global Warming fiasco, the point is that maybe Kojima is still utilizing these in his story. Worth taking the time to watch.

09-13-2016, 06:46 PM
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RE: Now I have become Death, Strander of Worlds...
He's the Linkin Park mascot.

Case closed.

He's just a prick

I just saved 100% on stress by switching to Not Giving A Fuck
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RE: Now I have become Death, Strander of Worlds...
I'm wondering if we should consider the shinigami as well, which are Japanese death spirits. I'm no expert on them, but they aren't really good or bad, just part of the natural order of things, like how oni aren't evil either, just more negative than other spirits.
01-27-2017, 03:43 PM
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RE: Now I have become Death, Strander of Worlds...
Yong goes into equations.

I'm surprised that Yong missed the obvious connection to 'string theory' which attempts to explain how particles interact with each other across time and space. Considering Kojima's emphasis on 'strands' and connecting people together.

I have a theory that the babies we see are actually the young versions of Norman and Del Toro, and that they are an anchor back to the real world, but losing them means getting yourself stranded elsewhere.

Speaking of babies, another Yong vid could have seen something subtle.
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