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MGSV interview (MGSV spoilers)
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MGSV interview (MGSV spoilers)
I noticed this on the front page of this site, and it's pretty interesting:

The themes are actually pretty interesting I think, but the game didn't execute them right as far as I'm concerned. The comparison of whales to nukes, the Moby Dick stuff, this is all pretty interesting, and could have been done far better. Also there are some lines that piss off an old school Metal Gear fan like me:

"Yano: To be more precise, the aim is to reveal that the system the world runs on defines Big Boss's existence as "evil." That's why MGSV tells you distinctly that Ahab is you, the player. It says, now you have to experience first-hand the absurdity of being branded a villain by the manipulating ways of the global status quo. And once you've experienced that, take the experience and use it. For that message to be put across, it can't be Huey telling it, since he's on the American side. It has to be Big Boss himself that delivers the message."

Except that Big Boss isn't some hero branded a villain. In Metal Gear 2 he explains his perfectly logical plan of murdering villages, taking in the orphans, and raising them as the next generation of killers, and this is the Big Boss I wanted to see. I wanted a game that stripped away all the glamorous visions of war we see in movies and such, and instead showed the disgusting truth, like what Meryl learned over the course of MGS1. I wanted to see Big Boss start off as someone similar to Solid Snake, but after being screwed over by the powers he trusted, after losing so many comrades, after one physical or mental trauma after another, gets worse and worse. After having his own comrades being captured by the enemy and tortured, he starts having less and less reservations in how he treats the enemy soldiers, and little bits of torture, like hitting them sometimes or waterboarding, leads to something like electrocution, and going even farther to pulling out teeth, removing fingers one by one, removing limbs, and all sorts of other things.
Big Boss would keep justifying all of this to himself, and it would be gradual enough that we the player would also maybe start to think it's OK, since he's doing this to the enemy afterall, the enemy that has been killing our comrades (I really liked that part when you're forced to execute your own people in the game. I thought that was really effective).
Eventually this would lead to Big Boss hating lying hypocrite politicians, throwing away soliders' lives and benefiting from it, hating civilians, living in the peace soldiers provide while damning them for their actions, completely oblivious to the threats soldiers have to face, and he starts to only care about soldiers and war itself. Eventually he reaches a point when he feels that war itself is all that's real, and that leads to him feeling that war is a gift that should be shared pretty much. All of this being a slippery slope leading him to killing civilians and raising child soliders.

That's the game I wanted.

Anyway, the interview is pretty interesting, and I'd suggest reading the whole thing. Kojima had some interesting ideas. Too bad the story itself wasn't at all what it could have been. It also reinforces my idea that we should focus on themes, not the story. Oh yeah, one more thing:

"Yano: I think there were two stages to this. First, you had a certain number of players who finished Chapter 2 not long after the game came out and went, “What? This Snake wasn't the real Big Boss!?” It's similar to the way people reacted to MGS2 (laughs). Some players couldn't accept that there was a new main character, Raiden, and they got really angry. But now MGS2 is considered a masterpiece. MGSV is a much longer game than MGS2, so it's like its length amplified that feeling."

The real reason people hated Raiden, at least in everywhere that had the English dubbing, was because the voice actor did a terrible job, and the directing for the voice acting was subpar. I'm never going to stop complaining about this.

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