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MGSV: TPP level cap goes beyond 99
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MGSV: TPP level cap goes beyond 99
WU S333 *8

Level requirements:

GMP: 5948460
R&D Team Lv: 106
Combat Unit Lv: 117
Minor Metal: 283700
Biological Material: 269500

I was thinking about maxing out levels... under the assumption that max was 99. However, this bs. If the level cap goes past 117, there's no telling when it stops. Currently around level 90 for all teams, and all my teams are maxed with s ranks. And that's before purchasing FOB4. FOB4 may get you to level 99, but this most definitely means there will be more FOBs past FOB4. FTS.
01-09-2016, 01:07 PM
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RE: MGSV: TPP level cap goes beyond 99
That's right, kids! Prove to Konami that you're the ultimate infiltration expert by sneaking into your parents' room and extracting their Credit Card information without detection to recieve a new FOB for the kid with no life next door to sneak into and steal all your money and soldiers!

He's just a prick

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RE: MGSV: TPP level cap goes beyond 99
It's funny because months ago (August) Gamespot announced TPP would have microtransactions that affected core gameplay and Konami released a counter statement saying microtransactions wouldn't affect core gameplay but instead acted as an acceleration for progress.

Sorry but not being able to max your levels without transactions seems to affect core gameplay in my opinion. But it fits with Konami's new business strategy: be Konami's tool. Konami's starting to look like EA.

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