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Insider info on MGSV's Development? THE TRUTH???
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Insider info on MGSV's Development? THE TRUTH???
Found these from this guy's twitter >

Don't know if they're legit, but here you go... apparently a KojiPro dev dropping juicy bits from MGSV's development.

[Image: CrqV7yeWAAAtWY3.jpg]

[Image: CrqV9XSXgAAMmij.jpg]

[Image: CrqV-9sWgAAFqKk.jpg]

[Image: CrqW8uEWcAAWCqn.jpg]

[Image: CrqW-ZXW8AAQV2f.jpg]

[Image: CrqXAEWWEAAtt8t.jpg]

[Image: CrqXI7mWYAAs5jc.jpg]

[Image: CrqXLXbW8AAn0Sy.jpg]

[Image: CrqXNUMW8AA59tb.jpg]

[Image: CrqXpc_WYAAxqk1.jpg]

[Image: CrqXsBxXEAAaoxc.jpg]

So if we consider the above, the true villains of this entire saga were the PS3 and the Xbox 360. And this limited the FOX Engine's capabilities which were in quite a mess initially, and Konami didn't want to listen to Hideo to scrap last gen and move completely to PS4/Xbone. And thus a lot of compromises were made, and this info does in fact offer explanations for a lot of weird stuff in MGSV...

UPDATE: Moar...

[Image: Crsw_ZxWYAQiFLh.jpg]

[Image: CrsxFcMWgAAQxEN.jpg]

[Image: CrsxIY2W8AA_xRK.jpg]

[Image: CrsyaWBW8AAQHHE.jpg]

[Image: CrsyeYdXYAUeI1J.jpg]

[Image: CrsyiYyXgAAoloh.jpg]

[Image: CrszUUGWYAApPec.jpg]

[Image: CrszYTUWYAA7-R3.jpg]

So... legit? Or are we being fiddled with? Fiddle
09-11-2016, 01:21 AM
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RE: Insider info on MGSV's Development? THE TRUTH???
My money's on the fiddle dammit
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RE: Insider info on MGSV's Development? THE TRUTH???
I'm pretty skeptical about this. If it's true though, I figured out all that stuff about Venom Snake he mentions at the beginning while I was playing through The Truth mission. I mean, it's pretty obvious.
Who is this guy supposed to be? Is he supposed to be Japanese? If he is, he's obviously fluent in English, unless someone is translating and typing it all for him. It's perfectly possible for someone to become fluent in another language, but the fact that he writes like someone who speaks English natively makes me very skeptical about this.
09-11-2016, 12:55 PM
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RE: Insider info on MGSV's Development? THE TRUTH???
Well he could be a native English speaking white guy who did some work over at Konami for KojiPro or someone they outsourced work to, so there's no way of knowing.

The narrative he spins seems to make sense of certain off design decisions.

Particularly about Last gen consoles holding back the scope of the game which led to...

- Mother Base Struts needing to be so far apart due to loading issues.
- Emptiness of levels and gameplay scenarios like the helicopter stuff in GZ being scrapped due to limitations of last gen on larger maps.
- There were plans for larger urban settings, but the last gen consoles had trouble running these.
- The long ass jeep ride with Skullface actually intending to be a drive underground through a lab to the base where we see things occurring around us such as mass production of Sahelantropus which would've probably had far more dialogue and been far more interesting. Probably changed haphazardly as a result of the above where last gen consoles couldn't load open world urban/indoor settings too well. At least not on a map greater than GZ.
- The final chapter that we see was cut may have also been a result of this involving the scale of events that we see leading to the second confrontation and final battle with Eli/Metal Gear. This battle was also where you supposedly got to use Battle Gear as a buddy.

Also intriguing that Ground Zeroes was a chapter in Phantom Pain that occurs after you rescue Kaz and before you reach Mother Base.

So essentially if there were no Ground Zeroes, which it seems Kojima was forced to create, then MGSV would've just been one game where you start out in the hospital. The game immediately throws you into WTF territory telling you you've been in a coma for 9 years. Then you play what is intended to be an intentionally frustrating linear game as the tutorial section, which then is immediately contrasted to the Open world freedom of Afghanistan,where you go rescue Miller.

Once you rescue Miller, he begins to recount to you the events of Ground Zeroes. You play the GZ mission, then after you witness the destroyed Mother base of MSF, you land on the new Diamond Dogs facility to start over from scratch. This also makes sense in this way - You are obviously not Big Boss, you are amnesiac, you essentially don't actually have the memories of Ground Zeroes, you're basically told/suggested that you went through them, which in a way you did as the paramedic in Big Boss' chopper. You'd be playing a memory. Or something you think is your memory, which would then by teh end of the game via the Truth chapter turn this on its head.

Other stuff of interest. Apparently there were to be 5 chapters?

Chapter 3 was to be about nuclear disarmament, probably forcing us into FOB-like stuff alongside things in Afghan and Africa, but this would also be where we were to return to Camp Omega which would've been rebuilt and different to throw us for a loop.
Chapter 4 apparently would take us to the soviet Union. We'd be in a more urban setting/military area like a larger GZ, but last gen couldn't handle this. This was intended to ramp up the difficulty where we'd be in more danger of being spotted and be difficult getting away due to not being in complete wilderness?
Chapter 5 about expanding Diamond Dogs into Outer heaven and building a base there.

Level editor where indeed we could create our own and play other people's missions basically providing endless user generated content.

There was a co-op mode planned which would essentially be like Peace Walkers where you could opt to play any of the missions with others.

So, a lot of this stuff does sound consistent and lines up with things Kojima said earlier or that we'd naturally expected him to follow up on after Peace Walker.
09-11-2016, 04:51 PM
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RE: Insider info on MGSV's Development? THE TRUTH???
Man, I tried looking for an archive of this, but no luck, not even quote searching.

Still, this sounds way too ambitious, even by Kojima's standards. Then again, I thought a PS360 was pretty pointless after 2013.

hashbrownFukkKonami (I don't use hashtags)

Who the fuck even reads signatures these days? Oh right...
09-11-2016, 08:55 PM
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RE: Insider info on MGSV's Development? THE TRUTH???
Good point that this could have been a non-Japanese guy who speaks English natively. And I agree that a lot of that stuff actually makes sense and could very well have been planned, but at the same time, I could see an educated Metal Gear fan, like Ravi or Mr. Wolfe, writing this up, since it doesn't really reveal anything that a fan couldn't have just theorized.
There's a part in there that's very interesting, and helps lead me to believe it either might be real, or again, a well informed Metal Gear fan. The thing about you starting off with no clue what's going on, then hearing about what happened years ago, then playing that part from years ago is exactly what was planned for MGS2. The game was planned to start off with the Plant Chapter, and the player playing as Raiden. We would be confused, not playing as Snake, hearing about Snake being a terrorist and sinking a tanker, meeting a guy who looks and sounds exactly like Snake, hearing villains with the voices of Solid Snake and Meryl, and then, after finding out that this guy we met really was Solid Snake, and this other guy was his brother Solidus Snake, we would find out after talking to the president of the US the truth from Snake and Otacon, which would then unlock the Tanker Chapter.
So this idea of Ground Zeroes being a mission we play after rescuing Miller totally fits with what Kojima intended years ago. This game is very comparable to MGS2 already, and this is just another link back to that game.
But I'm still pretty skeptical. It might be true, but for now I think we need more evidence that this isn't just Ravi or Mr. Wolfe being a dick to get giggles.
09-12-2016, 09:09 AM
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RE: Insider info on MGSV's Development? THE TRUTH???
I think if it was just a fanboy making something up, then more likely they'd be inclined to exonerate Kojima for everything. But the picture paints a shared responsibility between him and Konami over MGSV's woes.

Kojima was overambitious when it came to what could be pulled off on the PS3/360. I'd assume he discovered the limitations after Ground Zero's release because Ground Zeroes promised us a lot of mission features that aren't present in TPP. Most notably the cool helicopter missions, which I presumed were part of the big set piece moments, particularly for the planned final Metal Gear/Eli battle that is hinted to be a major battle with all your forces.

We can see ideas of this in place in MGS4 where Snake escapes the gekkous across zones in the tank, but this zone loading system breaks up the pacing more in MGS4 versus the motorcycle escape in MGS3. Also cut were large set piece moments involving all your diamond dogs crew fighting alongside you. Ideas Kojima couldn't make work in MGS4 with allying with rebels too well, and also hinted at towards the end of Peace Walker, but in a cutscene.

We know Kojima has a history of revisiting ideas from previous games that we couldn't do or couldn't bring to fruition fully.

FOX Engine also isn't all its cracked up to be considering what Rockstar could achieve on the 360/PS3, though of course we ought to consider Rockstar's pedigree and long experience with open world, so for Kojima's first foray TPP and Fox Engine is still impressive work, but held back by ps3/360.

Considering all the above it cannot simply be said that Konami stopped Kojima from finishing, but that it was technically impossible for him to make his ideas work by being constrained to older hardware. Certainly though this isn't anything new and Kojima has worked around and found ways to compromise in the past and still put out a 'finished product' but it seems more severe this time and Konami likewise shares fault for fucking up the work environment and being stubborn and unwilling to listen to Kojima or other devs who know what they're doing.

But I think the GZ release on last gen cemented the problem in that cancelling last gen versions might've led to a shit storm and Kojima might've himself wanted an episodic release because he feared delaying things to rework them.
09-12-2016, 05:20 PM
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RE: Insider info on MGSV's Development? THE TRUTH???
Seems fake to me.

(05-22-2016 02:42 PM)Canucklehead Wrote:  The actual hero of Metal Gear is the player for putting up with all of its bullshit over the years.
09-12-2016, 09:49 PM
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RE: Insider info on MGSV's Development? THE TRUTH???
About the helicopter mission in Ground Zeroes, that's something I really noticed as being missing in The Phantom Pain. I thought that mission was awesome. I quite like side scrolling lone ship blowing everything up games as well as rail shooters, so that mission was pretty fun, especially for the variety. It seems weird though. If they could pull it off in Ground Zeroes, why not have a few missions like that in The Phantom Pain? You make some good points about that maybe just not being possible due to the technology or something. I have a feeling that Kojima did indeed get too ambitious with some of the gameplay, but I'm actually happy about that, because it shows that they had a lot of ideas that they really wanted to try to put in. Soul Reaver was another super ambitious game that couldn't pull off all it wanted, and I consider it to be an absolute classic.
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RE: Insider info on MGSV's Development? THE TRUTH???
Another suspect thing about the chopper.

I suspect that ideally in TPP, you could've been able to call the chopper and fly in real time to any other area on the map cutting down on your travel time, though at GMP cost.

But we don't have that... We call the chopper, get in then, then boot out of the map completely into the Chopper interior where we again, then select where we want to go, & then boot back into the map.

We always fly in and out at a fixed distance. And always get booted out of the map and then boot in again.

This frustration was undoubtedly noticed during dev and I don't believe that's what they intended, but unfortunately they couldn't make it work. And if it doesn't simply work for getting from point A to B, then it certainly won't work for any action scenarios over a larger distance.

In fact the only time we can actually experience a chopper ride between points is on Mother Base. Likely doable thanks to the big stretches of nothing in between each strut, which the 'informant' here claims was due to having to unload one strut in order to load the other.
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