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Gameblog Secret Meetings - new MGSV content?
06-12-2016, 02:24 PM (This post was last modified: 06-13-2016 12:23 PM by jdnation.)
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Gameblog Secret Meetings - new MGSV content?
Chapter 3, or new MGO stuff? Whatever it is it means Konami is going to make GMP more risky again...Fiddle

Something related to MGS5 being teased by French Journalist (GameBlog)

"So Julien Chièze who is the co-founder of Gameblog has tweeted the following:

It basically translates into "I went to the most exciting secret meeting of my life"

Along with the tweet he also posted a teaser video with background music which is the same as the V Has Come To soundtrack of MGS5:

Furthermore, Gameblog links have been retweeted by Kojima in the past so it seems to be a credible site as far as MGS goes."


"He clarified on a live stream that it has nothing to do with MGS it was just a song that he was listening in the background cause he love mgs songs.And some people thought it was a tease for mgs.

He'll tell more info tomorrow about a big game but not related to MGS"

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