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Exploring beyond Camp Omega
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Exploring beyond Camp Omega
Ever wonder what lies beyond the invisible barrier surrounding camp omega?

They don't seem interested in sharing how they managed to get across, and even if they did, it would likely require a PS3 with CFW and a certain degree of technical knowledge.

So I tried to think of a way to glitch past the barrier, which led me to this no clip glitch:

Using this method it's possible to glitch your way outside. The first glitch is a little tricky but not too bad. It might take a few tries but it shouldn't be long before you drop to the bottom of the helipad.

If you look over to your left, you should see stairs behind the fence you normally cannot access. Head that way but be careful not to climb too high on the ground since you'll pop back on top. Depending on where you pop up you can get stuck and need to restart from a checkpoint.

Head that way until you see a small hole in between both walls.


(Sorry about the size and quality of the pics. I saved them as attachments and they enlarge when you click on them, but it doesn't seem to work unless you're a member. Oh well, it's not like they're vital anyway.)

Now for the second glitch. This is where it can get really annoying. You have to keep crawling at the hole until you eventually pop through. I have no real tips on how to do it, just keep trying and hope for the best. I got lucky my first time and did it in about 20 seconds, but the second time I tried it took me about 5 minutes. Sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you don't.

I tested it on 360 and PS4, so I'm sure it works on PS3 and Xbox One as well. Depending on whether or not your game is updated, this method can be very annoying to pull off. The dev team must've caught this glitch since Big Boss automatically dies when too low if your game is updated. It's still possible if you carefully crawl to the hole from the left side, but if he slips too far low (which happens very frequently), he dies and you're stuck having to travel back to the vent and restart from the first glitch. I don't know if there's a way to remove updates, but if there is you might want to consider doing that first.

Also, don't do this on the main Ground Zeroes mission, it won't work. It'll just say "Out of Bounds" and the mission will end. Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements won't work either, same thing. I know for certain it works with the Eliminate the Renegade Threat and Jamais Vu missions. I'm almost positive it should work on the Deja Vu mission, but I didn't test it so I can't be 100% positive.

Eventually you should be right outside the camp.

It's glitchy like you would expect. The iDroid map becomes blurry if you wander too far. Interesting how there are buildings near the base that aren't normally seen, as well as roads that lead up to the camp. Perhaps Ground Zeroes was initially larger and more ambitious, or maybe we'll be able to revisit camp omega in the Phantom Pain?




I also found a lone crate right outside the admin building. No idea why it's there.


I recommend throwing magazines if you want to wander far away. If you're not careful you'll fall into an invisible hole and either die instantly or be stuck in limbo until you restart.

There's not a whole lot to do besides explore, but I thought some people might be interested in trying it out for themselves. If not, the video from Red Code Interactive covers most of the interesting bits.
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RE: Exploring beyond Camp Omega

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RE: Exploring beyond Camp Omega
Previous games were buggy but it took a while to find these bugs.

Ground Zeroes was like, day-one bug central.

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RE: Exploring beyond Camp Omega
I'm absolutely going to have to try this. I love this stuff, weird glitches and things, going beyond where you're supposed to go. Ben Lincoln's The Lost Worlds really got me into this.
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