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Edward Snowden on MGS2
01-06-2017, 09:56 AM
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Edward Snowden on MGS2
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This Otacon was a True Son of Liberty

Edward Snowden used to have an Ars Technica forum account.

Went by the username 'TheTrueHOOHA.'

Here's a thread with him discussing MGS2.

What an OG!

Ars Scholae Palatinae

People who were bright enough to follow the plot of MGS2 enjoyed it quite a bit.


There is no hedging in here, you state quite plainly that anyone who didn't enjoy the plot was too stupid to understand it.

Actually, Captain Semantics, I said, "People who were bright enough to follow the plot of MGS2 enjoyed it quite a bit." At no point in time did I state, "quite plainly," that anyone who didn't enjoy the plot was too stupid to understand it. You are simply inferring that that is what I meant. Do you need a refill? Your glass must be half-empty. Then again, it might also be possible that you are simply bitter and feel like attacking people with substandard communication skills because they have a history of defeating your poorly constructed ideas in previous threads utilizing the aforementioned communications skills.

I would ask that you stop trying to hijack gaming threads and try to contribute something meaningful to the discussion, ok?

Debacle: I totally agree (on harder difficulties, anyway). While I liked the whole sword vs gun gameplay idea, they tossed that to you WAY too late in the game to actually expect you to be able to USE it in that kind of capacity.

wb: While I think they did get a bit twist happy, I think they managed to clearly explain enough of it to keep you following along while still leaving it open-ended enough to keep you guessing for the sequel (unlike X2, which pretty much seems to SHOUT at you what's going to happen next).


Wittig: Fair enough. Solidus didn't seem like a very "Villainy" villain to me, either. Oh, and it wasn't -really- an exercise, remember?

I think we need another thread for ending analysis.


It took me like 20 pictures before Otacon actually LIKED the ones I gave him. I hope you have better luck!

I agree: one of the BEST things MGS2 had going for it was it's environmental feel on the tanker and most of the place you'll go soon. Unfortunately, however, the sense of realism will warp very suddenly. Nonetheless, it is still very well executed.

Have fun!

There's more at the link. Mostly him arguing with a guy who got butthurt that he was too dumb to understand MGS2. Then the thread got locked. Fun times.

He sympathized with Solidus. Maybe the themes of MGS2 helped influence Snowden to do the right thing and leak the NSA's shenanigans?

Someone should ask him...

Then they should ask him whether at first he only wanted to play as Snake and thought Raiden was gay.

I wonder what he thinks of MGSV? Maybe all the talk about language helps with semantics? He must be spending time in Russia doing something...
01-09-2017, 09:23 PM
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RE: Edward Snowden on MGS2
Wow, great find.

"When I first played Metal Gear Solid I was but a boy. Then after watching Snake and Meryl ride off into the sunset I was [SIC] suddenly had six hungry mouths to feed and a pile of bills to pay. Metal Gear ruined my childhood."

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