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Direction of Gaming (Regarding Free Roam)
09-29-2015, 01:25 PM
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RE: Direction of Gaming (Regarding Free Roam)
(09-29-2015 01:18 PM)PoisonSnake Wrote:  
(09-29-2015 10:47 AM)SexyKaz Wrote:  Sandbox is now what 3rd person shooters were a couple years back. And what WW2 shooters were

You think? I usually preferred 3rd person shooters to 1st person shooters... but I hardly remember any from the 80s or 90s that would be sandbox... best as I remember they were pretty linear, as in you move fwd and if you dont the game doesnt move, or perhaps my memory fails... which ones do you mean? I remember playing some of the lesser RPGs in the 80s, full-RPGs never being my thing really, but none of these half assed RPGs I played were shooters, and hardly you could call them sandbox, but clearly they were getting there in the concept of: do whatever the hell you want in the gameplay level, and you can advance the story any time you feel like.
For example... anyone remembers, uhm, "Bard's Tale"? or the original "Pirates" from Microsoft?

What I think SexyKaz means is that just like WWII games used to be the trend and then 3rd person shooters, so too are open world nowadays.

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RE: Direction of Gaming (Regarding Free Roam)
(09-29-2015 06:34 AM)PoisonSnake Wrote:  I hear ya. I think Fox News is talking about this because of the huge, enormous marketing of the MGS brand. I remember that for MGS4 there were TV spots in US very much in the style of movies. Inevitably that draws attention from everyone that typically would not be aware of such a release... Happens with comic books and movies as well, and you find people talking about, uhm. "Deadpool" who really had little idea such a disgusting thing ever existed.
As for open world or sand box game design, yes, it is a bit of a coveted fruit for video game producers given the spectacular success of the most famous ones...
but clearly not everyone can do a great sandbox game and succeed. MGS5 in many ways fails as an "open world" game. I am also playing Mad Max... and is shares some of its failures with MGS5. Bland writing among others. And a lack of musical atmosphere. and I could go on. Rockstar has not succeeded in all its releases.
So yes, I love sandbox games, but not every company is fit to deliver them. And I am hardly an authority as I don't' play PC games, just consoles...

(09-29-2015 10:47 AM)SexyKaz Wrote:  Sandbox is now what 3rd person shooters were a couple years back. And what WW2 shooters were before that. It's the new standard and the industry already fucking suffers from it.

Good points. Looking back at games like Red Faction Guerrilla (2009). Pretty much has everything a modern free roam has (maybe less terrain to explore). I was recently watching gameplay for Mad Max and it's almost a RFG clone.
11-26-2015, 09:47 AM
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RE: Direction of Gaming (Regarding Free Roam)
As much shit as people are giving Fallout 4 for its map being physically smaller than FO3's, I think Bethesda perfected the open world. It's physically smaller, yes, but there's virtually no dead space this time around, which is the biggest problem with MGSV. FO4's Boston is condensed and everything has a purpose. Instead of roaming through vast expanses of nothing to get from point A to point B, every corner you turn has a location to explore, or a horde of enemies to battle, or something to loot, or little hidden stories in terminals, holotapes, or even just for you to piece together based on evidence left in the area. Not to mention you can customize every detail of your settlements and build them from scratch as opposed to having a motherbase that will always have the same design every time you build it up. Then there's the gun customization which just destroys MGSV in every regard.

MGSV did none of that. You'd wander through empty land and really only encounter enemies at specific outposts. You'd find cassettes here and there, but you were mostly just given them after completing a mission. As stated above, your motherbase will always look the same, besides what color you choose for it. As for the gun customization, all you really need is money, along with some basic raw materials that are so easy to find it's not a challenge to develop new weapons and unlock their parts for use, whereas in Fallout 4, you have to scavenge for specific materials to craft each and every piece of every single gun.

MGSV was ambitious, but Kojima's inexperience with open worlds is very apparent.

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11-26-2015, 10:38 AM
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RE: Direction of Gaming (Regarding Free Roam)
If there was one thing Kojima Productions was good at it was taking criticism and improving the F out of their next game.

Sadly there will not be an MGS VI (as a quality follow-up). I'm certain Mother Base etc. would've been improved. I'm practically dead certain Kojima was planing expansion packs to keep making the experience better. That way Konami would have it's MGS machine and he could do other shit.

Open World was also a necessity of FOX's development. If you're investing in an engine for the future, having it support an Open World is a must in this day and age, even if you don't go open world ever again, just having the engine ready for the potential is a forward-looking thing.

If you ask me MGSV was a valiant attempt particularly coming from a first time and form Japan of all places.

I would've liked if new MGS games would've just gone for one big seamless base/area a la MGS1-3 using the open world tech and packed it full of things.

I guess MGSV is sorta like that except with wide open areas of traversal. if the next game had dropped that and dropped side ops so you didn't have to run around the entire damn place over and over and just maybe scaled your shit down to a guerrilla camp operation rather than a full on mother base, and one where you could be mobile with it, you'd have a tighter game.
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RE: Direction of Gaming (Regarding Free Roam)
Quote:Bethesda perfected the open world.
P.S. Mention Bethesda again and

Quote:I would've liked if new MGS games would've just gone for one big seamless base/area a la MGS1-3 using the open world tech and packed it full of things.

I guess MGSV is sorta like that except it was shit.

Fix'd that for ya.

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RE: Direction of Gaming (Regarding Free Roam)
More isn't always better though.

Fallout 4 terminal stories are not good. I just click through until you have to do the next thing. I don't want to hear about some pre-war, ham-and-egg asshole who suspects his shady co-worker of selling FEV sprayed tulips to blind children so he can help fund the reds.

Base building is fun but you NEED console commands to be able to carry enough junk to scrap, or to raise the build cap to make something satisfying. In the end it's useless, even if you make a bunch of settlements, supply routes only get you a few hundred caps.

Fallout 4 crafting is shit too. It's exactly like MGSV, you can't say it's better.

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