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Death Stranding - Game Awards 2017 trailer
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Death Stranding - Game Awards 2017 trailer
You'll keep cumming... in FEAR!!!

[Image: DQfpvkMU8AA-hnk.jpg]

[Image: DQfpvkLU8AEKcQy.jpg]

Footage captured from PS4 Pro

Remember this?

So that's what he was printing those dog tags for...

How cute!

Start looking for clues!

Mads has clues...

My life bar... the handcuffs do nothing!
[Image: 7SpQbZ7.gif]

You're pretty good... pretty...good...

[Image: dnKfTo0.png]
12-08-2017, 10:37 AM
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RE: Death Stranding - Game Awards 2017 trailer
[Image: kXz2d8f.png]

The new Metal Gear looks like shit.
12-08-2017, 12:59 PM
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RE: Death Stranding - Game Awards 2017 trailer
12-08-2017, 01:17 PM
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RE: Death Stranding - Game Awards 2017 trailer
Time for my in depth analysis.

He's got a dream catcher, that probably means something.

There's a lot of mud and rain, just like Ground Zeroes. Possible connection.

Giant people everywhere. Kojima probably saw Attack of the 50 ft. Woman recently. We need to watch this movie at least 50 times to find out clues about the story and gameplay for Death Stranding.

It has spinning light things, probably related to raves.

Norman Reedus's character is named Sam. This is most likely a reference to Sam I Am from Dr. Seuss's book, Green Eggs and Ham. What is it that he will be rejecting for most of the story, only to try it in the end and decide he actually likes it?
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RE: Death Stranding - Game Awards 2017 trailer
[Image: giphy.gif]

Kojima is the bad guy!

[Image: HbYDWmX.jpg]

Apparently this is the lead singer of Loar Roar?
12-08-2017, 04:00 PM
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RE: Death Stranding - Game Awards 2017 trailer
(12-08-2017 01:17 PM)DarthCaligula Wrote:  Giant people everywhere. Kojima probably saw Attack of the 50 ft. Woman recently.

It's the long awaited sequel to Demolition Girl

12-08-2017, 06:31 PM
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RE: Death Stranding - Game Awards 2017 trailer
That game would be way better if you got the play as the giant girl and trash cities. Why do they always do it the wrong way?
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RE: Death Stranding - Game Awards 2017 trailer
Kojima is back on PSX and he tells us nothing new!

IGN goes looking for it instead...

So, serious theory time...

I think many are looking at it the wrong way...

Other than Sam and the creatures, 4 other bodies were shown...

The two Bridges guys, and the two metal skull face guys.

The first skull face guy was the one in the body bag, lying down, dead and decomposing who is then taken by the black ooze.
The first human guy was the one under the truck, lying down, aging fast then is shot and taken by the black ooze.

The second skull face guy is the one with the mechanical arm and baby pod that comes floating down and does a gun-finger point motion and disappears.
The second human guy is the one with the mechanical arm and baby pod that has a gun, uses it to shoot the other guy then turns it upon himself, but is quickly taken floating up until he disappears.

So I'm presuming that the two skull face guys are actually alternate dimension representations of the human guys.

It could also be that when one of the skull guys does the gun finger pointing motion, it could be because he was controlling the other human who then turns the gun on himself... because the skull guy was connected to him and gave him the order to 'kill himself.' So maybe he was not committing suicide of his own accord... but then either something else, or Sam might've been connected to the human and caused him to float and lose the gun... but because he was still under orders to 'kill himself', he begins stabbing himself.

It could also be the case that Sam was already connected to the two human guys, and had used 'the rope' to make an alliance with them and they were helping Sam. Sam likely didn't need the other guy's pod baby, because he already has one inside of him and it's not the one in the pod.

Sam is probably the first human prototype that's been engineered to have a baby on the inside, whereas the other men and Del Toro must physically connect to their child by the umbilical cord to the device. The mechanical arm is probably also likely a way for the baby to communicate and give feedback, kind of like a living Soliton Radar.

Mad's character, must also be like Sam, where they both are engineered to have a baby within them. That is what the floating baby doll in teaser trailer #2 signified when it floated down towards Mads.

So both Sam and Mads are sort of like Liquid and Solid, only it's likely that the baby in Mads is controlling Mads with the 'stick' like relationship. Whereas Sam and his baby are more of the 'rope' kind of relationship where they are symbiotic. To the same extent that might be true of Del Toro and the other Bridges guy, but Sam and his child's relationship is capable of much more by complete symbiosis and likewise the same is true of Mads.

The babies exist in black liquid tanks, and similarly we see Sam coughing out black liquid from within himself, indicating a baby is inside him. And likewise we see that same black liquid coming out of Mads' body.

That liquid is probably representative of the speculative genesis pits from which it is believed by naturalists that live originated from and then evolved further.

This means that the black liquid could be indicative of both giving life, building life and ending life. (A belief also existed that dinosaurs died in tar pits and became fossil fuel.)

So where am I going with this? The Black Liquid is a major Gameplay mechanic.

It is a mechanic for capturing world materials, genetic materials, transport (similar to Splatoon), and also... building.

That black ooze forms the tendrils and strands used for connecting to others. You may be able to connect first then control, or even copy and replicate living organisms to puppeteer, or actual materials yourself, but which may require resource collecting.

It is essentially your item storage. It may be limited at first and then expand in capacity and ability.

This is a power that only Sam and Mads have.

Sam may also be trying to rescue Mads. And Mads, or the baby controlling Mads, are out to rescue/destroy the other children.

As for what those children are? They are either captured or re-engineered creatures from that other world.

In the first teaser we see both big and small hands. The small hand appear when the baby disappears. Most likely two worlds are colliding. The land of the living and the dead. Those 'Dead' are likely 'Stranded' in our world just as we may be in theirs, and the borders are being erased slowly but surely, which is what leads to the existence of organizations like Bridges, where vast portions of America are too unstable to exist in and only a few remaining cities remain and are connected together by likely inter-dimensional roads, or some means of convoy routes going back and forth.

In order to continue surviving, a symbiotic cooperative relationship was required by both the 'Dead' and the 'Living' world to come together somehow and work together to fix this.

Mankind is literally cooperating with the dead... but there could be other factions.

For all we know the other skullface could also be in possession of a human child in his tank. They give each others children to each other. But perhaps the female species of both sides hate this and so we see a larger 'invisible hand' creature stalking Sam and the other two guys likely because she wants her child back.

Kojima mentioned there is a heroine in the game, and maybe that will be her role, she is either human or another similar skull creature. Maybe she is even the one standing on the truck and ordering the man to shoot himself before he tosses the baby to Sam.

Sam and the men are being hunted. And that's where we find them in this predicament.

As for the giant... I don't know yet. But maybe we also have the potential to gain similar heights of power towards the end game. The water scene may also represent our own death where separated like a soul from its body we need to find our way back by swimming in the quantum black sea towards ourselves and once back the baby revives the body. The thumbs-up being out 1-Up at work that we are ready to go.
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RE: Death Stranding - Game Awards 2017 trailer
Lovecraft influences

Kojima gives IGN some actual details!

-Death is not 'game over.'

-Underwater mode seems to be where you go when you die in the game.

-Underwater section played in first person.

-You can wander outside of your body and collect items here.

-Re-enter your body to come back to life.

-There is no resetting of events after death. World is persistent. So thing you did before dying remain, not returning back to any checkpoint to continue.

- If you cause a crater as large as seen in the trailer, that crater remains after you die. If you suck you might make a lot of craters.

-The 'Rain' in the game is called 'Timefall' and it seems to speed up time on anything it touches.
-The robot arm has a name which Kojima isn't telling.

-Kojima is aware of 'lootbox' controversy, says smilingly,"“I think there are a lot of people out there who still enjoy single-player games, aside from some microtransactions."

-Kojima has fun watching us go mad with theories.

-The new trailer is a scene from early in the game, after the prologue.

- SAG AFTRA Strike in Hollywood delayed performance capture work for the game.

- Norman and Mads were eager to work on the game but the strike made it impossible. Thankfully that's over now.

- Kojima addresses anti-Kojima fanbois - “I’ve been reading a lot on the internet of people saying I’ve spent the last year just traveling around and having fun. A lot of people saying I’m wasting time and money. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.” It was clear that this weighed heavy on his shoulders. “We’re waiting for the right moment to show gameplay, but right now we’re on track with the project.” "“There’s been a lot of stuff going on through this time, so it makes me pretty sad when people say ‘Oh, you’re just having fun and joking around and wasting money.’ You could ask so many people, but I really think that I’m doing this pretty fast. If you have a company, if you already have an engine, you already have the tools and the team together, and even then, it’s pretty standard for a AAA game to take three to five years to develop their games. For some games, it can take up to 10 years.”

- This past year they've been using the time to work on Decima.
12-11-2017, 01:27 PM
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RE: Death Stranding - Game Awards 2017 trailer
I've read a lot of Lovecraft's stories, and I'm not sure. I think they might be reaching with those theories. I mean, it might be true that Kojima's been influenced by Lovecraft, but at this point I'm not convinced.
12-11-2017, 01:52 PM
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RE: Death Stranding - Game Awards 2017 trailer
Well, he was hanging out with Del Toro and Junji ito who are both big on Lovecraft.

So maybe he's used it in the creature designs, but I doubt he's actually going to have the elder gods or anything in there.

Anyway, with regards to the new details and gameplay wise, I believe kojima is building upon the original concept of 'No Place to Hide' which he wanted to implement in MGS4, but couldn't.

Maybe we can find a razor item to give Norman Reedus a shave and watch his mustache grow back in real time.

Maybe we can plant a seed now and watch it grow into a tree over time. And if we're in a hurry, we can perform a rain dance and raise our arms yelling "TIMEFALL!" and it will rain down time and the tree will grow fast, and we can harvest its fruit as a ration and throw it at a skeleton soldier.
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RE: Death Stranding - Game Awards 2017 trailer
Good point about Del Toro and Ito. I actually read a Lovecraft book that had a foreword by Del Toro, so even though I'm pretty sure Ito hasn't been confirmed to be a part of this, I could easily see there being Lovecraft influences in there.
12-26-2017, 11:57 AM
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RE: Death Stranding - Game Awards 2017 trailer

Hideo Kojima: “Development on Death Stranding is going well enough that SIE told us, ‘We have never before seen a game being created at such a fast pace.’ We are planning an announcement that will further surprise everyone in 2018.”

Japanese developers talk about 2018 plans and beyond in this week's Dengeki Playstation
12-26-2017, 12:56 PM
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RE: Death Stranding - Game Awards 2017 trailer
Something else I noticed now that we've got something from the game that looks like an actual cutscene is that Kojima is still doing the whole single shot with the camera thing. So it looks like we'll be getting a directing style like MGSV again.
12-26-2017, 03:42 PM
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RE: Death Stranding - Game Awards 2017 trailer
That sucks. MGSV was boring and horribly directed.

As awful as MGS4's story was, it had pretty good direction. Far better than MGS2 & 3.

He's just a prick

I just saved 100% on stress by switching to Not Giving A Fuck
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