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Cqc in the phantom paian
09-14-2015, 02:45 PM
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RE: Cqc in the phantom paian
No bud im on ps4.. the sharefactory thing gives poor enough quality after its rendered. Na not bothered about the blood its just one of the things i noticed changed but like i said my asian copy is probably more censored than the west version
09-14-2015, 06:26 PM
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RE: Cqc in the phantom paian
(09-14-2015 02:09 PM)sput Wrote:  
(09-13-2015 01:16 PM)Brian OBlivion Wrote:

Jesus chriist dude, are you on min settings? That looks like absolute shit
09-15-2015, 04:27 PM
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RE: Cqc in the phantom paian
(09-12-2015 08:54 AM)Ocrafter Wrote:  By toned down i mean some of the animations have been removed, for example in GZ if you do a disarm hold up on an enemy twice, in the second animation because he doesnt have a rifle after the first hold up, boss flips the ememies own handgun from its holster and leaves it spin in the air before catching it and pointing it at the looks very cool, that animation is gone, in many of the trailers we saw boss do a wall take down and blood is splattered on the wall where the enemies head hit it, that is also gone.. it seems like alot of assets were cut from the game post launch

Dont get me wrong im loving the game but as a player who likes to play exclusively with cqc (except for boss battles) i just felt a little left down. Like somethin didnt feel right. I hate to use weapons, lethal or non leathal it hate them equally, nothing gives me the gaming satifaction i crave like beating the face off my opponent with varied cqc

The blood splatter after smashing an enemy's head against the wall was probably toned down because the idea of anyone surviving that is absurd.

Noticed that disarm issue, seems that after taking an enemy's rifle, there's no pistol disarm animation. Dunno if it's a bug, or just a way to prevent that oversight from GZ where you could steal an infinite number of pistols from one guard.

What else was removed?

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09-15-2015, 04:59 PM
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RE: Cqc in the phantom paian
Im still experimenting with it really but mostly its just the two things already discussed so far.. some glitchy animations being the only other thing I've found
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RE: Cqc in the phantom paian
He attacks with the knife now

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