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Boards Save Bad Games
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Boards Save Bad Games
Every one here hates this series right okay good

What could make it better.

Let's START!

1. A good Multiplayer Mode. It had to be tried and it was. Making an online mode that combines both singleplayer and multiplayer has not worked very well. MGO2 was the best version of this. What if they made the weapon models static and allowed players to play in first-person.
2. Timeline!!!!!! The story is deep and has a lot of major and minor events. Most people will see one ending and that is it. They will see one credits screen and chuck the thing in the garbage. What future teams do with this now that Hideo Kojima's GI Joes have retired for good is impossible to say now. Maybe he'll, write book. Or maybe Konami will keep it going strong.
3. Other stealth games have stealth kills. YEAH this one's a fossilized ambition at this point but maybe someone could make it work. 1v1 online maybe. Who knows. Cinematic Non-Lethal Tactical Takedown *Action. It could work. IT COULD!
4. Less is More. So when I say I want to see more crossovers with other games likes Assassin's Creed and Doritos,,, Moving on...
5. EPILOGUE!!!!!!!!! Prologue was bad enough but then when the actual game ends there's no END CHAPTER WTF !

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RE: Boards Save Bad Games
As for stealth kills, this series has had them since Snake Eater. You grab someone with CQC, and use your knife to kill them. Unlike in other games where you just press a button, this feels slightly more realistic because when you actually grab someone and kill them in real life, it takes effort, rather than just pimp slapping them and they fall over dead. And there have also been non-lethal quick takedowns since Snake Eater as well.
And hell, when you really get down to it, stealth kills have been in this series since the very first game, so it's nothing new at all, and you could almost argue that Metal Gear pioneered the idea in games.

You also remind me of Ravi's Free the Canon idea. That way the series wouldn't have been so bogged down by its long and contradictory continuity. Ghost Babel is an excellent example of this.
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RE: Boards Save Bad Games
You're right. They've had stealth kills. I've dissected a live sloth so I guess I know what you mean. Raiden is the original pimp-slapper. The canon is enslaved it must be freed. I'm all for alternate universe.
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RE: Boards Save Bad Games
Um...did MGS1 not have stealth kills? Did MG1 not have stealth kills? Does it need to be a flashy cinematic to count or what?

Splinter Cell's Spies Vs Mercs mode was closer to what Metal Gear was about than MGO ever was.

2 & 5 stem from the same issue: the series was done and all games after MGS2 were force-written and the timeline/plot in general got all fucked up as a result. Simple solution would have been to just leave it the fuck alone to being with, which is exactly the reason I DO NOT want Legacy of Kain to make a comeback and get all fucked up as well.

He's just a prick

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RE: Boards Save Bad Games
Really I would have preferred an alternate universe series where the mechanics of the franchise are mostly unchanged but continue to improve. A 3D HD Ghost Babel would be the best example I can think of. Unlike Ac!d, you have full control etc...Maybe even not 3D just stay retro Megaman style but really it could go either way. Plenty of franchises have multiple versions. All this while Metal Gear Solid by Kojima/whomever continues with the trends(3D, VR, CODshooter,etc...)

A game like MGS1-3/MG1-2 but even without First Person View would be neat. At least those games give you the choice to stay in preset cameras as an option. i don't know what the response was but I am aware Zelda did some 2.5/3D isometric camera releases. Even commissioned capcom to do some gameboy color games while Nintendo continued with their Zelda games.

Stealth-kills have not changed much in stealth games. For the most part you sneak up, bop the poor soul over the head with a club and RUN! There could be more there but it is about the developer. A game like, "Black" for example wanted to coin the term "gun porn" because the game was more about seeing the gun fire than what you were shooting at. Few games go out of their way to expand on stealth kills. It's preference. MGSV has every mechanic of every stealth game ever. Surely there has to be another way. It even has stealth discovery!

the only legacyofkain I played was 1 and as much as I liked it, I COULDNT BEAT IT!!!!!! It was just a time thing I could probably go back through it. I was shocked when I found out the developers didn't finish the game either. lol. Best 3D castlevania ever.

Splinter Cell's Spies vs. Mercs is probably what I'm thinking of. If they wanted to bring back Snake versus the two teams for dogtags it would probably be more viable to play as Snake (or Raiden, Big Boss, anyone) with his full 3rd person range versus his First person playing foes. Must be hard to design a game like that or something because few games I can think of pit two different play styles(genre) like that. For what it is worth I guess Siren had that on PS3 single player.

Metal Gear Solid 2 rocketed the franchise to the hemisphere. Substance was a good idea because the end of that game does not feel complete. Even if the chapter ended there it would have benefited greatly from an epilogue story mission. MGS3 was the only game where I think it was unnecessary but who knows, even then there could have been an epilogue mission since it too had a prologue one. The whole franchise revels in the intro and just dissipates gameplay-wise at the end. What I mean is, maybe the game would let you do a full Act 1 style mission that is roughly the same length as the opening rather than cut it off at the story completely. A good example could probably be to take something like Camp Omega and make it a part of Peace walker. That game was long as it was but that sort of thinking would make a lot of things unnecessary in the future. If there's a prologue there could be an epilogue. Even 4 could have used one.

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RE: Boards Save Bad Games
Which Legacy of Kain are you talking about? Soul Reaver was not the first one, it was Blood Omen, which was a 2D top down game like the old Zelda games. I've described the games before to people as being like a super violent Zelda game.

MGS2 has a very strange plot, but the game ends, and the answers really are in there if you look, even with the terrible dubbing (well, the bad dubbing gets in the way of some things). What wasn't answered in that game was meant to be unanswered, things for fans to discuss and come up with their own ideas about, but people wanted answers (I admit, I really wanted to know what happened next. It was only after we got the "answers" that I started looking into the stuff written by Ravi and Mr. Wolfe and realized that we would have been better off with no sequel), and Kojima didn't want to answer them, so he put in nonsense answers that he didn't really care about. At the very least, he was more interested in getting certain messages across in MGS3 and Peace Walker, rather than keeping to the continuity of past games.
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