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Board screwing up/MGS2: Lost in Translation Hyper Edition
11-29-2015, 11:07 PM
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RE: Board screwing up/MGS2: Lost in Translation Hyper Edition
^They don't in EU which is fucking bullshit when local retailers tend to sell (used) games of different regions.
11-30-2015, 11:06 AM
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RE: Board screwing up/MGS2: Lost in Translation Hyper Edition
(11-27-2015 08:50 PM)Tempunaut Wrote:  I don't know if psn download codes even work in different regions. Like, the Japanese code that you got might not even work on the US store.

Anyway, if you wanna be 100% sure to get the right version, you should just make a Japanese account and download it from the Japanese store.

I actually got it a few months ago when it was priced down to 500 yen during a MGSV promotion. I don't speak Japanese so I can't say to much about the voice acting other than they all sound very good. Lot's of voices from anime I used to watch when I was younger. Which is why I was curious about it in the first place.

Only bad thing about the jp version is that it has only one difficulty setting, which seems to be easy.

So if I make a new account on my PS3 I can somehow make it a Japanese account for the store? How do I do this? I really don't want to screw this up.
12-01-2015, 05:09 AM
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RE: Board screwing up/MGS2: Lost in Translation Hyper Edition
(11-30-2015 11:06 AM)DarthCaligula Wrote:  So if I make a new account on my PS3 I can somehow make it a Japanese account for the store? How do I do this? I really don't want to screw this up.

Don't worry, there's nothing you could screw up. First make another user profile on your ps3 an log on to that.
Go to psn and click the sign up icon and choose new user.
choose Japan as your country of residence.
From there on it's just the standard sign up process, only in japanese.
Now for the most part you can type in whatever you want (I just typed in some random characters). Only two things matter:

1.A valid e-mail address that's not already connected to another psn account.
2.A legit postal code from japan Just use 8760854.

Once you're done you should end up in the japanese store when you sign up with that account.
12-01-2015, 07:50 PM
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RE: Board screwing up/MGS2: Lost in Translation Hyper Edition
I've gone through every part so far, except for the address. So you don't think they'll come after me for fraud or something if I put in that zip code and just put in "nu" or something for everything else?
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RE: Board screwing up/MGS2: Lost in Translation Hyper Edition
OK, nevermind, I just went and did it since I doubt the Japanese government is going to come bust my door down. Maybe I'll do the same thing here that I did with MGS2, noting what differences I see, but first I should replay the beginning stuff from MGS2 and get it all written down and posted here for anyone late to see.
12-01-2015, 10:47 PM
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RE: Board screwing up/MGS2: Lost in Translation Hyper Edition
Nah, Sony never fact checks. I've had my jp account for more than five years now and never got bothered. Same with all my other ones.

According to my us account I'm a certain Rtml Gdjewjkd, living in a Walmart near Niagara fallsFiddle
12-02-2015, 12:06 AM
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RE: Board screwing up/MGS2: Lost in Translation Hyper Edition
Well I tested it a while ago and the game started up just fine. Thanks for all the help!
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RE: Board screwing up/MGS2: Lost in Translation Hyper Edition
I wrote up parts one and two, along with explanations for Japanese subtleties with kanji and such and put it all in my post with part 3. There's also some new stuff in there, since I have a greater understanding of everything now.

Also related to MGS2, this is a little thing, and unfortunately I don't know what exactly it means in Japanese social context, but I was surprised that Campbell/GW/JFK refer to Rose as "Rosemary-kun" or "Rose-kun". "Kun" is a Japanese honorific, which are placed after a name, and honorifics are specific to things like gender, social standing, and such. "Kun" from what I understand is usually used for males, and more specifically younger males, like kids and teens. Perhaps he's saying "Rose-kun" somewhat affectionately?
Also, when replaying the game, I realized I was wrong about the pronoun Raiden uses. Raiden, like Solid Snake says "ore", which is very masculine, informal, and somewhat rude depending on the situation.
In all truth, this feels like a project that could never end. Each time I play through the game, I'm going to notice more, and I'm not fluent, so I know I must be missing some things, but well, this was my best shot, and it was a lot of fun.

I've been playing Metal Gear Solid now, and that game was more straightforward. Mei Ling's voice was very surprising though. She sounds like a kid, like she's 12 or something. Also, just before Baker dies, you can hear his voice straining as he talks about Naomi and the ninja. I don't remember his voice sounding like that so much in English. But like I said, there doesn't seem to be as much lost in translation here.
12-06-2015, 01:31 PM
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RE: Board screwing up/MGS2: Lost in Translation Hyper Edition
Still about MGS2, now I understand Rose being upset about Raiden and Emma. I always found weird that Rose was upset when Emma was annoying as hell and Raiden didn't seemed interested on her.

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RE: Board screwing up/MGS2: Lost in Translation Hyper Edition
Yeah, I had no idea that they were supposed to be flirting until I read the script in The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2. It's much more clear in Japanese, though they don't go overboard with it or anything. I think it was a nice balance.
About Metal Gear Solid, there isn't really much to report. Baker's voice is strained at the point when he starts talking about Naomi and the Ninja, because this is just before he dies, Ocelot sounds sadistically happy while torturing Snake, actually, I thought it was a bit comically sadistic, Raven is kind of interesting though. You might remember his line "You should crawl on the ground like the snake you are." So in Japanese at this point and others he refers to Snake by the Japanese word for Snake, "hebi", as you might have figured. He goes back and forth, saying "Snake" in English, and "hebi".

"That weasel of a president...."
Ocelot says something like this right before torturing Snake, talking about Baker and his secret with the key card. I noticed that in Japanese he says "tanuki". I admit that I don't know all that much about tanuki, but this site seems to be legit:
So it fits with how Ocelot uses the word. Tanuki like playing tricks on people and bring misfortune by some parts of the mythology, and it's pretty easy to see how Ocelot would compare Baker to that.
I always thought it was weird and obviously a mistake in the English voice directing and such that Campbell isn't panicking when Meryl is shot, especially since Snake says "Colonel, calm down." This is also one point when the voice acting in Twin Snakes was superior, since he actually is panicking in that game's English audio. In Japanese, we can clearly hear him panicking, losing the calm attitude he usually has. He is also very excited when Snake gets the PSG1.
Really though, I thought the English voice acting was great. Sure it's not quite as good as what we've got nowadays, but back in 1998, this was just plain amazing. Meanwhile in Twin Snakes it feels like with most of the voice actors that they're thinking "I have to record all of this again?" Though I did think that David Hayter, Debi Mae West, and Cam Clarke did great work.

Playing this game again was so much fun. Sure there's the annoying backtracking (a holdover from Metal Gear 2 it would seem), but this game was just so wonderfully balanced. Unlike MGS2's overuse of Codec scenes, the balance of characters talking in person and Codec conversations just feel right, instead of having parts like when Raiden and Emma have long conversations on Codec when they're standing right next to eachother. Mr. Wolfe wrote an article a while back talking about the puzzle element to the game, and how this was something we didn't even realize we were enjoying, and how none of the games afterward had that element, because you can just shoot people with your tranquilizer dart, and I think he really got it. This puzzle element, which is only really in Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear 2, and Metal Gear: Ghost Babel, was part of the charm of Metal Gear, and unfortunately, as technology advanced, we lost that element and it seems impossible to get back.
I haven't started up a new game in it yet, but it does indeed seem that there is only one difficulty (please oh please let it be that I unlocked more after I beat it.....), and judging by the speed that I took out Rex, I do indeed think that it's Easy.

So the Legacy collection also gave me a code so I could get Metal Gear Solid: Integral. I played this a bit after beating Metal Gear Solid, and found some interesting things. First of all, you can choose the difficulty when you start a game, exactly like in the NA version, but there's also the option in "Special" to play the game in a first person view. I played around with this a bit, and how it works is that you can switch between third and first person views by double tapping the triangle button. First person view's controls aren't very good though. If you ever played Metroid Prime 1 or 2 on the Gamecube, it's kind of like that, but Metroid Prime did it better because you could hold a button down to strafe, while you can't at all in Integral (by the way, Metroid Prime 3 and the Metroid Prime trilogy collection have the best first person controls I've ever seen on a console, and maybe even better than a keyboard and mouse as far as I'm concerned. You've got to try it, it's so wonderfully comfortable). It's hard to judge how far away you need to be to punch or grab a guard, and when you pull out your gun, you don't see Snake's arms or the gun, just the laser sight going out. While it was kind of interesting to be able to walk around looking at the place like this, I don't see why anyone would want to use this control, since it just makes everything harder.
And there's one more thing I found that I was very surprised about. The audio of the game is the English version. So when people talk, you hear the English voices like David Hayter, but the subtitles are in Japanese. I want a reversed version of that for MGS2! It was really weird and I totally wasn't expecting that.
I couldn't find the VR Missions for some reason. Maybe I just missed it in the menu, but I looked over and over again. Maybe you have to beat the game first? But that wouldn't make any sense for someone new. Those VR missions in the original game were obviously there so that you could get used to how the game controlled.

Also, about MGS2, there were a few things that I felt I should mention as well that I didn't when I was going over it. These don't have to do with the Japanese, but more to do with some things that were changed that maybe not everyone is aware of. In the script, there are some lines that were cut, most likely because of 9/11. Before you fight Vamp, there were some lines when Vamp makes it plain that he and Fortune plan to launch their nuke at Manhattan itself, and kill everyone there. Fortune later says something like this as well at the point when everyone is standing on Arsenal Gear. I find it strange that Solidus says that he won't stop them since this would go completely against his plan to declare independence in front of Federal Hall. Maybe he was planning on somehow stopping Fortune from blowing up the city and killing everyone, while also making her the bait for the Patriots with Arsenal Gear.
Did you ever find it strange how in the game there's a lot more tutorial stuff with Raiden's beginning than with Snake's, even though you have to go through the Tanker Chapter first? Originally, the idea was going to be that you would start with the Plant Chapter, and be totally confused why you're playing as someone else, hearing him being addressed as "Snake" even though he's clearly not. Instead, you would be ignorant of what happened at the Tanker, only hearing about how Solid Snake had sunk it and caused this oil spill, and then you'd meet this Pliskin guy who looks and sounds like Snake, and then you'd hear what sounds like Meryl and Snake talking to eachother, clearly on the side of the enemy, then it turns out that this is Solidus Snake and that Pliskin has been Solid Snake all along, and this Meryl sound alike is actually a Russian woman named Olga, and THEN, after all this, you would finally find out the truth from Snake and Otacon after Johnson dies.
What was planned was that after they tell you the truth about what happened two years before, it would unlock the Tanker Chapter, and you could play it and see for yourself, except for one exception to all of this. It was planned that if the game detected data for a completed Metal Gear Solid game on your memory card, you would get to play the Tanker Chapter from the beginning instead. Obviously, it turned out that the PS2 used a new type of memory card, so it's likely that this whole idea was scrapped because of that. The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2 reveals this, by the way, so that's how I know.
12-13-2015, 11:01 PM
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RE: Board screwing up/MGS2: Lost in Translation Hyper Edition
Just a couple updates on MGS2's ending, examining some lines said.

"Of course, Jack! You have to beLIEve me!"

What JFK-Rose says here in Japanese is "Mochiron, Jakku! Shinjiteyo!"
OK, I have to admit that I'm not sure just how exactly she used "shinjiru", as in, just how she ended the sentence, but let me explain what this means. "Mochiron" pretty much means "certainly", as well as "of course" like it was translated here. "Shinjiru" is to believe, so you can see it's the same meaning. There appears to be no pun or anything like that used, so it seems that the translator thought this up herself, and I quite like it.

"They taught me some good things too."
Mr. Wolfe ranted about how Quinton Flynn screwed this line up, based on how he interpreted the script. When Flynn says it, he emphasizes "good things", but Mr. Wolfe believed that the emphasis should have been on "they" instead.
Again, I didn't totally catch the line in Japanese, but I did listen to Raiden's voice very closely. First I'll again have to explain some of the Japanese language here. When Raiden says this line, it shows Solidus's dead body, and we hear him say "Aitsu wa blah blah", I didn't catch it exactly. What's important here is "aitsu". So as some of you may know from reading Ravi's article on Dr. Clark ( ), "kare" is used as a masculine pronoun, like referring to a male, while "kanojo" is used to refer to females. From what I understand, "kare" and "kanojo" are used when talking about someone close by, while there are other pronouns to use if someone is not immediately present (of course, this makes me wonder why they refer to Dr. Clark with "kare" instead of "aitsu". I totally admit that my understanding of all this is not complete), while "aitsu" is used for someone not immediately present, like they're far away. It seems kind of strange since Solidus is within Raiden and Snake's view, unless he's not just referring to Solidus.
I think I mentioned this before, but there isn't really a difference between singular and plural in Japanese, it's more based on context. So while "aitsu" can be used to refer to a certain person, Raiden's use here might be referring more to the Sons of Liberty as a whole. So the translator's use of "they" is most likely correct.
So anyway, when Raiden speaks, I clearly heard an emphasis on "aitsu" rather than anything else afterwards. So yes, the emphasis was supposed to be on "they" in his line. Maybe you can say it's minor, but to someone like Mr. Wolfe and me, this is pretty important, Raiden saying that he even learned good things from his most hated enemy, rather than only from his allies.
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RE: Board screwing up/MGS2: Lost in Translation Hyper Edition
So I've started playing MGS3. I'm not going to go into as much detail as I did with MGS2, but I've got more to say so far than I did for Metal Gear Solid. Unlike MGS1 and 2, I haven't played this one so much that I've memorized the whole thing practically, but I've ALMOST memorized this one!
So far I've played through the Virtuous Mission.

I chose "I like MGS2" for my choice at the beginning, because I do, especially the Japanese version, and so Big Boss is wearing the Raiden face. I can't remember how it is in English, but when he takes the first mask off and it shows the Raiden face, it says "Jack" in katakana. This is another one I can't remember from the English version, but over my health it said "JACK" until the point when he takes the mask off.

I should probably get into some comments about the voice actors here. I didn't recognize the voice when playing, but it turns out that Banjo Ginga, the man who did Liquid Snake's voice played Major Zero in this. Unfortunately for me, Ginga and Otsuka sound enough alike here that I sometimes have trouble telling who is talking. The voice difference isn't at all like how Campbell was compared to Snake or Raiden. Also, Kikuko Inoue, the woman who does The Boss's voice, was the voice of Rosemary. I really have to say that this woman is good. I mean, she sounds nothing like Rose when she's doing this role. I thought maybe there was going to be another head game like with Terase doing Olga's voice, but even though I know that this is the same woman who played Rose, I just don't hear it. I mean, if I listen really closely, I can hear the similarities sometimes, but she really sounds nothing like how she played Rose. She plays The Boss with a very tough voice. As far as my opinion on Lori Alan, I think she did a great job. When I was younger playing the game, I was really impressed, but when I replayed the game a few years ago, I wasn't quite as impressed as I used to be. Still, she did a great job as far as I'm concerned.
Mr. Wolfe complained before about how Heather Halley played Para-Medic, and I have to say that he was right in his assessment. Houko Kuwashima, Para-Medic's Japanese voice actor,sounds much more friendly and energetic. Hell, it almost seems like Halley was given the same dose of tranquilizers that Jennifer Hale must have been given when she did her terrible portrayal of Naomi Hunter in The Twin Snakes.

"Virtual Mission?"
When Big Boss says this, he says it in English, with the subtitles having "Virtual mission" in katakana, and "VR" in Roman lettering above it.

Big Boss says "One man army" in English, with the subtitles having a Japanese translation of the phrase, and "One man army" written in katakana above it.

"Loyalty to the end"
The phrase is in Japanese, but it's interesting that "Loyalty" is in English above the kanji for the equivalent word in the subtitles.

"To be patriotic?"
So in Japanese, the word Big Boss says for "patriotic" is I think "aikoku". The thing here is that it's the same as the first two parts of the name for the Patriots (I think they say "Aikokumono..... something" I can never get that last part. "Shi" or something, and I can't remember the kanji), so it says pretty much "love country". Above those kanji it says "Patriotism" in English.

When the Shagohod is first mentioned, they say "Shagohod", and in the subtitles it has the meaning of the name in Japanese, with "Shagohod" written in katakana above it.

When you go from one area to another in this game, it says the name in Japanese and Russian. In MGS2 it had the names in Japanese and English, I'm pretty sure exactly like what we got, and in MGS1.... I can't remember for some reason.

There's some interesting stuff concerning the Ocelots and Ocelot himself. I didn't totally get all of this, but when Ocelot is first mentioned, the subtitles show "Ocelot" in katakana above the kanji for "yamaneko", which is literally "mountain cat" (I'm pretty familiar with this because of Chrono Cross as well. The character named Lynx in English was named Yamaneko in Japanese). I think that the Ocelot unit is referred to as "yamaneko" while Ocelot is referred to as "Ocelot". But like I said, I didn't totally catch all of it, but I now for sure that Sokolov referred to the Ocelot unit as "yamaneko" at one point.

And like I read, the title sequence with the song "Snake Eater" is horrifically out of sync. This is just unforgivably bad. Who the hell was responsible for this? I can tell what the problem was. In the real version of it, there's a little part that says something, maybe "A Hideo Kojima Game" or whatever, and we hear that high pitched note, while in this version, they cut out whatever that beginning part was, but the music still starts from that point, so everything is 5 seconds out of sync or something terrible like that. I bet the same idiot that botched the voice acting decisions in MGS2 was responsible for it! This vague guy is going to be my bitch boy for behind the scenes screw ups in this series now.
01-16-2016, 08:43 AM
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RE: Board screwing up/MGS2: Lost in Translation Hyper Edition
(01-14-2016 10:48 PM)DarthCaligula Wrote:  the title sequence with the song "Snake Eater" is horrifically out of sync. This is just unforgivably bad. Who the hell was responsible for this?
Seriously, fuck this guy right in the ear.
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RE: Board screwing up/MGS2: Lost in Translation Hyper Edition
What is it out of sync with? It's just a song playing over a silent montage of random trailers.

He's just a prick

I just saved 100% on stress by switching to Not Giving A Fuck
01-16-2016, 06:23 PM
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RE: Board screwing up/MGS2: Lost in Translation Hyper Edition
Watch it again on your copy of the game or YouTube or something. You'll notice how the images move and such to the rhythm of the song, with a very noticeable part with a crescendo with two snake heads rising up and opening their mouths, but in this version, it's completely out of sync. Also, when you hear that final "Snake Eater...." and the title fades away at the end, instead you hear the line fading, before the title is shown, and then with total silence you see the title for a bit and it fades away. It's absolutely horrible.
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